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These Simple $13 Peelers Are the Easiest Ones I’ve Ever Used

published Dec 23, 2022
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Although it’s certainly not my favorite kitchen task by a long shot, peeling vegetables is one of the most common kitchen tasks out there. Therefore, peelers are a big part of my kitchen arsenal. While I love working with potatoes and other root vegetables, they usually have to be peeled, which is why a sturdy vegetable peeler is a must in any home cook’s toolbelt. I’ve used all sorts of fancy, high-quality peelers, from straight razor-sharp, swivel peelers and the ones that have serrated edges to your janky, run-of-the-mill potato-skinners you get at the dollar store. However, while I can vividly remember my grandma absolutely running through oblong russets, carrots, and turnips with a straight peeler, I never really got a hold of the technique. That’s why I was so psyched to find a set of Y-peelers that were perfect for me: the Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler 3-Pack. 

These ultra-affordable plastic peelers are great for a bunch of reasons: First off, they’re cheap enough that if one dulls or breaks, you can just snag another set. They’re also great for both left- and right-handed home cooks, whereas straight peelers sometimes only work for right-handed folks. It’s also much easier to operate for novice cooks than a straight peeler, and as long as you take your time and pay attention, you shouldn’t run the risk of serious cuts. The Y-peelers also produce thinner strips than most straight peelers, which means less vegetables end up in the trash or compost, and more end up on your plate. 

Credit: Ian Burke

“These are in every restaurant kitchen,” commerce writer — and former pastry chef and line cook — Stella Totino chimed in when I brought these up in a meeting. “They’re the best.” And, with an almost perfect rating from over 15,500 reviews on Amazon, we’re not the only ones who love these things. “When I first got the peeler, I was not so sure if I would love it, considering I used an OXO peeler before that was very comfortable,” one reviewer writes. “I was in for a surprise — every time I picked it up, it felt like I was using it on the vegetables very fast and smoothly too, for the speed. Taking spots out of potatoes is also easy using this peeler. Love using it! The pack of three is best for me, I have shared it with a friend who loves it too. The pack of three is the best buy — excellent value for money!” 

So, if you’re tired of nicking your knuckles and hating every second of meal prep, do yourself a favor and ditch the straight peeler for these uber-affordable, easy-to-use vegetable peelers.