Alvar Aalto’s Spare and Simple Studio Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Alvar Aalto’s name looms large in the world of modern design. He was a Finnish designer who was sometimes called the “Father of Modernism” and whose work was extremely influential in architecture, furniture design, and even tabletop and glassware. Aaron over at Apartment Therapy recently got to visit Aalto’s studio complex in Finland, and we have a peek into the studio’s kitchen!

Aalto’s design group eventually outgrew his own home, where he worked with his wife Aino (also a famous and influential designer in her own right). So he constructed a larger studio nearby where they worked with up to 20 other architects and designers.

It was very interesting to us to see this space, especially the kitchen and dining area. See, so much of this looks familiar — the cupboards, tables, and chairs have all been copied and re-copied so many times since Aalto first revealed his groundbreaking style, that they have become too-familiar and even tired.

But seeing them in their fresh, natural habitat, in all their purposeful simplicity and that natural light, makes us reconsider those plain white cabinets and natural wood fittings that many of us complain about in our rental kitchens. Seeing them here, where they were a purposeful break with old-fashioned ornate design, and made simply for modern living, makes us wonder if we can do the same with our own objects inspired by Aalto and his group.

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(Images: Aaron Able)