Alton Brown Teases the Return of “Good Eats” with This Campy Video

(Image credit: @altonbrown/Instagram)

If you love Alton Brown’s scientific and thorough way of demystifying cooking, you’re probably thrilled that the show that brought him international prominence, Good Eats, is coming back in a new format.

In this, his new teaser video he posted on social media, he takes you on what may be the spookiest teaser video since the “The Ring” preview.

OK, so maybe it’s not that creepy, but it’s definitely a little more Twin Peaks-inspired than most cooking show videos.

Alton walks into a dark basement and you see relics from his original show — a cobweb-covered fridge here, a dusty stand mixer there. It’s deliciously campy and definitely speaks to Brown’s trademark humorous take on educating and sharing about food.

There is currently no word on when or where the new version of the show will premiere, or even if it will be on television or as a web series. I guess we’ll have to wait and see — until then, we have this.