Alton Brown Answered His Fan’s Burning Questions in This Reddit AMA — Here’s What We Learned

updated Aug 22, 2019
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Credit: Jude Domski/Getty Images

If you haven’t already heard, Alton Brown’s Good Eats: The Return is premiering this Sunday (although, hot tip, you can already watch the first episode online!). To build up excitement, Brown took to Reddit to answer some of his fan’s burning questions.

Of the nearly 7,000 comments and questions, user Xenrielle got straight to the point, asking Brown what his go-to meal to cook is when he has no idea what else to make. His answer melds his vague health focus, his Southern home, and that classic Alton charm: “Roast chicken … AND WAFFLES.”

While he doesn’t have a recipe for that exact recipe on his site, he’s got a great one for waffles that uses buttermilk and whole-wheat pastry flour, and his broiled, butterflied chicken on the Food Network site will leave you with handy pieces perfect for eating with waffles. 

But beyond the meat of that question (pun intended), the Reddit format demonstrates Brown’s quick wit. In response to “What was the hardest thing to learn to cook?” Brown answers “Properly.” He also says that he decides what to make for dinner by opening the refrigerator door. We learn that his favorite restaurant in Los Angeles is Musso and Franks, and that Omaha is the most surprisingly good food city he’s been to.

He also lets Redditors in on some of the secrets of the show. For example, the one thing he wanted to make (but never got to) was sweetbreads. He also talks about the researchers that work on the show, and drops that the final episode of the season will be Wild Yeast Risin’.