Alton Brown Shares the Release Date for “Good Eats: Reloaded”

published Sep 17, 2018
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For over a year now there have been rumors and hints about what Alton Brown is working on next. Last year he teased something out on Instagram about “Return of the Eats,” which we now know is coming to the Food Network in 2019. Then this summer we heard he was working on “remixing” some classic episodes of Good Eats, but the news was relatively sparse. Is the show really coming back? Was it going to be a web series or something we could watch on TV? Would it be the same show or something totally different under the same name?

I’m happy to report that today we have more answers on the “remixes” Alton was talking about.

Today Alton posted some very exciting news on his Facebook page: “I’m revisiting the Good Eats library and renovating some classic episodes by adding new scenes, new science, and new recipes,” he explains in a post. “The result: Good Eats: Reloaded. Premieres October 15 at 9 p.m. ET on Cooking Channel.”

Huzzah! We have a date! One of our favorite TV shows about cooking is basically getting a makeover. It doesn’t look like there will be “new” episodes, per se, but he’s taking classic episodes and making sure they still hold up. For now it looks like the show will be available on the Cooking Channel instead of a web series, like some people had guessed.

The comments on Facebook ranged from a few different things: Most people simply expressed how excited they were for the return of the show, some people made some suggestions of what to cover, and a ton of people said they were bummed because they don’t have access to the Cooking Channel (I’m also in this camp).

I’m hoping Brown returns to Kitchn’s favorite episode of Good Eatsthe one where a viewer asks Alton to recreate a cake from their beloved Aunt Gertrude, who recently passed. Has the science changed behind the basic rules of cake making? Will there be a bonus recipe? I’m hungry just thinking about it.