Despite His Bias, Alton Brown Was Able to Crown the Best Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza

updated Feb 24, 2021
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Credit: Brad Barket / Stringer; Getty

This week on his YouTube cooking (and eating and anything else) show, Quarantine Kitchen, Alton Brown and his wife, Elizabeth, decided they were too tired for the usual format, and they would do the entire show from their couch. Instead of cooking anything, they decided to taste test and rate gluten-free frozen pizzas. Despite his admitted bias against gluten-free foods he dives in whole-heartedly, in the end declaring the Cappello’s almond-flour crust pizza his favorite. But not before a few technical issues.

In their effort to not have to get off the couch, the couple planned to cook pizzas on both an induction burner and a waffle iron, however, 11 minutes into the stream, the induction burner blew a circuit and they got lost from the video. In a second video, they start again, now fully reliant on the fancy-schmancy Breville waffle iron to cook all of the pizzas.

They actually cook the winning pizza first, and Alton initially has serious doubts, even as he pulls it out of the waffle iron, saying “Whatever grain this, it doesn’t crisp up.” But it’s almond flour, so not entirely a grain. After tasting the pizza, Alton says, “It’s not the worst thing he’s ever had,” and he gives it two thumbs up. Elizabeth says she “likes Cappello’s” after the first couple bites and that she’s a fan. Once they keep going with the tests, they realize just how good it was compared to the others.

The Amy’s version with rice flour is declared the second-place winner, and the Against the Grain brand version made with tapioca flour comes in third. But really, Alton admits his own truth just before they open the first pizza, pointing out that this test is just “confirmation I will eat anything with pepperoni on it.”

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