From Alton Brown to Chrissy Teigen, Celebrities Show Us How They’re Cooking During Quarantine

updated Mar 19, 2020
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn; Food Stylist: CC Buckley/Kitchn

With restaurants closed and people looking to find ways to spend their newly homebound time and use their panic-shopping supplies, there’s a lot more home-cooking happening around the country. For experienced cooks, it’s a chance to delve into projects they’ve long put off, but for rookies it can be harder.

Thankfully, celebrities have stepped up and are teaching us to cook via Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. The videos are raw and scrappy — there’s no camera crew or fancy editing — and it’s a great way to get some ideas of what to cook, and see your favorites unfiltered. The production quality might vary, but the food all still looks amazing.

On Instagram, Antoni goes from the small screen to the tiny screen with his series, “Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine,” where he gives advice on how to shop and cook in these wild times. Three episodes in, we’ve got a “Keep Calm-lette,” “Zoodles with Meat S.O.S.,” and “Let Me Outside Leftovers.” 

Instagram is also where you’ll find Massimo Bottura, the Italian chef whose Modena restaurant, Osteria Francescana, is widely considered one of the best in the world, doing what he calls #KitchenQuarantine. Whether he’s teaching you to make marmalade from orange peels after you juice them to drink your vitamin C, or answering your questions, his enthusiasm for everything is delightful and cheering as he implores viewers to stay safe and wash their hands.

Martha Stewart, too, looks for that health angle, showing how to make her scratchy throat remedy on Instagram — ginger lemon and brown sugar tea.

Over on YouTube, Alton Brown and his wife go super casual with what’s basically just a low-light livestream of them cooking dinner. There are dogs, though, so we can forgive the darkness. It’s also a good look at how many cooks actually cook — just opening the pantry and cabinets, seeing what they can find and throwing it in the pan to see how it turns out. In the first edition, he makes a kraut and sausage one-pan dish.

And Chrissy Teigen, the queen of Twitter, and her husband, John Legend, got a little drunk and showed us how they cook in their robes. There’s singing, dancing, beautiful people, cameos from cute kids, and fried chicken. What more could you possibly want?

Speaking of kids, Padma Lakshmi took to her Instagram to give us lessons on “Cooking With Kids During The Quarantine,” while Philadelphia chef Marc Vetri  just let his son Mario take over completely, and the results are excellent.

Have you seen any good quarantine cooking videos? Let us know!