Alternative to Apple: Anyone Making Pear Sauce?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Applesauce is one word, but pearsauce? That one isn’t common enough to warrant its own one-word name. Maybe it should be, though. We’ve got a bag of seckel pears we need to use asap, and we’re wondering why we’ve never thought of making pearsauce/pear sauce…

We found a few recipes for apple-pear sauce, as if the pears may not be able to stand on their own. The picture above is from Serious Eats—we mentioned this apple-pear sauce in our weekly roundup a while back.

Get the recipe: Apple-Pear Sauce, from Serious Eats

But we think pears would be perfectly fine on their own, simmered down until soft with some spices and mashed into a pale, sweet, chunky sauce. We like the look of this recipe, too, for the ginger. It’s from a 1994 issue of Gourmet:

Ginger Pear Sauce, from Epicurious

Pears, especially the very ripe seckel pears we’ve got, can be less dense and more watery than a firm, crisp apple. So we’d cut way down on the amount of liquid. But overall we think pearsauce is a splendid idea. We could see it as a substitute for applesauce in cakes (like this one or this one).

Has anyone made pearsauce? Any tips?

(Image: Serious Eats)