Alone in the Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While I like a full, bustling kitchen with many hands helping and maybe even a kid or two thrown in the mix, I also treasure my alone time in the kitchen. I love being able to stay quiet and focused on the task at hand, unwinding from the busy day. How about you?

Sometimes when I’m preparing an evening meal for myself, when I’m alone in the kitchen with just a countertop full of ingredients and my thoughts, a peaceful feeling settles over me. I love the singular task of prepping vegetables, the thwack of the knife on the cutting board, the scent of garlic or rosemary or lemon tickling my nose. When I’m alone in the kitchen, there’s nothing to distract me from these sybaritic moments and I can experience them with focus and appreciation.

Occasionally when I’m alone in the kitchen, I’m making a meal for myself and others, but during the week it’s often something just for me. I follow the singular thread that begins with arriving home and looking in the refrigerator and cupboard for ingredients through to prep, cooking, plating up and sitting down to enjoy the fruits of my labors. I appreciate the spacious and time this solo endeavor offers me, a chance to reassemble myself and reflect on the day.

What is it like for you when you’re cooking alone? Do you appreciate the lack of distraction or does it feel a little too quiet? Do you listen to music or the radio or do you just abandon yourself to the sounds of a meal being made?

(Image: Dana Velden)