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You Can Make Almond Milk at Home and All You Need Are Two Ingredients and Your Juicer

published Jun 13, 2022
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Organic almond milk
Credit: Shutterstock/Goskova Tatiana

Once upon a time, the options for non-dairy milk were very scarce. Now, however, there’s tons of choices — from soy to oat and both almond and cashew milk. Whether someone is on a plant-based diet, has lactose intolerance, or just loves the taste of it, plant-based milk is more popular than ever — with Starbucks even launching their first non-dairy holiday drink last year.

As plant-based milk options grow in popularity, so are the ways for us to enjoy it. Of course, we can head to a supermarket and pick up a container, but if you’re down for making some at home, that’s an option, too. And while there are plenty of gadgets out there that were invented specifically for making nut-based milks, the price point attached to them may not be as enjoyable. But as it turns out, there’s an option for creating almond milk using an appliance many kitchens already have: a juicer.

In a TikTok video, food blogger @shaynateresetaylor shared how she makes homemade almond milk using her juicer. Taylor’s methods involve just a few steps and the only ingredients necessary are almonds and water.

She starts by soaking raw almonds overnight before rinsing well. Then, she adds the almonds to a bowl with an equal amount of filtered water before adding to the juicer by spooning in small batches. You’re going to want to blend until it’s smooth and at the right consistency. If it’s too thick, add a bit more filtered water.

She then strains the resulting mixture into a bowl, squeezing through a nut bag (a clean dish towel also works here) until all the glorious fresh nut milk is extracted. The leftover pulp can even be saved for future recipes, such as baking. Then, just transfer the almond milk to a jar and leave in the fridge to use with that next piping hot cup of coffee.

Part of the fun of Taylor’s recipes is that there are lots of options for modifications. The juicer can be switched out for a blender, and the blend can be sweetened or flavored with additions such as vanilla extract or cocoa for those who prefer flavored milk options.

You can check out her step-by-step recipe here.