All-Clad Is On Sale Now At

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We have two fall traditions in our kitchen: making applesauce and adding one beautiful All-Clad pan to our collection. We haven’t had the chance to make the applesauce just yet, but we are thinking about the All-Clad sale. Are you?

Attention All-Clad shoppers!! The annual fall sale is on now. Here’s our chance to save an additional 20% off their already discounted prices.

Yes, as we’ve cautioned before, the pans sold by are seconds. Yet these All-Clad irregulars almost always have only imperceptible or very minor flaws. Our pans work hard and suffer a few dings along the way anyhow, so we don’t mind buying a great pan with a little scratch.

If you’re planning on giving these as gifts, keep in mind that they are branded with an “S” so the recipient might find out how thrifty you are. But these days aren’t we all up for a bargain?

Is anyone else considering an All-Clad order during this sale?