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All the Warm-Weather Dishes I’m Excited to Make in My Favorite Dutch Oven

published Jul 15, 2021
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Credit: Rikki Snyder

Spring has never felt more important than it does right now. With glimmers of hope on the horizon after a trying year, I’m excited to see the world coming back to life again in the form of blooms and blossoms. As part of this renewal, there’s one activity I’m really looking forward to: Welcoming back family and friends in the warm weather to enjoy meals that are both seasonal and nourishing.

Truthfully, I’ve been thinking since last March about gathering for a casual, intimate dinner party. I’ve deeply missed hosting those I care about the most and feeding them well, so you better believe I’ll be making up for lost time all through the spring and into the summer. And there’s one special piece of cookware I plan on entrusting with this important task.

Credit: Le Creuset

My Le Creuset Dutch oven, which transitions from stove to table seamlessly, is my favorite piece of cookware and one of my most beautiful serving vessels. While I am a fan of all of Le Creuset’s rich colors, it’s Artichaut, which for the first time is now widely available in stores and online, that I can’t wait to show off.

Artichaut — French for artichoke — is a deep, soulful green, inspired by a vegetable so vibrant and artful it makes my Dutch oven truly feel like a verdant centerpiece. The hue reflects the richly-colored vegetation, such as overflowing pots of fresh green herbs and the fragrant leaves of tomato plants, that surround us through these warm seasons, effortlessly bringing nature indoors. And while Artichaut is a statement-making color on my Dutch oven (as well as any number of Le Creuset items, like their classic Salt and Pepper Mills), it uplifts the colors around it and brings more life to mealtime.

Credit: Le Creuset

Here’s What I’ll Be Cooking

It’s a natural fit in my kitchen and on my table, especially with all the seasonal ingredients I plan to embrace these upcoming months. Seeing as fat, tender stalks of asparagus are the first thing I load up on this time of year, I’ll definitely be making this One-Pot Mediterranean Shrimp and Rice, which is studded with bright green spears. Or it might be this Greek Egg and Lemon Soup, which is my favorite way to transition into spring. The vibrant citrus and nourishing broth always wipe away any lingering chill in the air.

Once tomatoes are sweet and abundant, my attention will turn to this colorful Creamy Chicken Orzo, which is loaded with them. I’ll also be serving up Linguine with Clams at least a handful of times because it’s summer comfort food at its very best, especially when showered in fresh herbs and paired with chilled rosé. And all through the spring and summer I’ll be carrying this One-Pot Smoked Almond and Herb Couscous to the table to serve alongside just about anything I pull off the grill, be it meat, veggies, or both.

Credit: Le Creuset

See Artichaut in Action

These dishes will look all the more impressive in Artichaut cookware (and alongside any Le Creuset kitchenware) because Artichaut truly brings other colors to life. It shines on its own, but it also enriches the palette of the table, letting the hues of bright herbs and fresh produce stand out among a beautiful background.

See it in action in the photos below to get an idea of how this versatile color can fit into your home too.

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Credit: Rikki Snyder, Rikki Snyder