All-Clad’s VIP Cookware Sale Is On — These Are Our 6 Favorite Deals To Grab Before They Sell Out

updated Mar 15, 2021
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With the ice thawing, the spring buds blooming, and the temperature rising, March is all about the motto, “Out with the old, and in with the new!” There’s just something about the changing seasons that makes us want to give our homes and kitchens a much-needed overhaul. If you’re planning on tackling your kitchen cabinets, chances are it might be time to replace your damaged and scratched cookware pieces. And as if on cue, All-Clad’s epic VIP sale kicked off today.

In case you’re new here, the event is the perfect opportunity to replace old, beat-up cookware with All-Clad’s high-quality pieces without spending a fortune. This time around, the sale includes a ton of our favorite must-haves, as well as a 10-piece set for almost 40 percent off! (Not a typo, we promise!) To access the limited-time event, visit the Home and Cook Sales site (they’re hosting the sale), then enter your email address, and begin shopping. This can’t-miss event runs through the rest of the week, but since the best deals usually sell out in a flash, we’ve rounded up our favorite deals below to help you find the good stuff ASAP.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $110.00

All-Clad's timeless 8-inch fry pan is large enough to sear one or two servings of protein and perfect for making quick stovetop recipes like grilled cheese sandwiches or eggs. The three-ply construction has an aluminum core that helps it heat up rapidly and evenly, and the slightly brushed exterior prevents food from sticking. We don’t see this pan priced below $50 often, so add it to your cart ASAP before it sells out.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $130.00

As the very satisfied owner of this pint-sized butter warmer, here are all the tasks I use it for: warming butter (but of course!) for homemade popcorn or baking goodies, heating up a cup of milk, prepping tiny portions of rice for kimbap (my favorite snack!), South Indian-style coffee for one, reheating leftovers ... the options are endless. And since the pan is made using All-Clad's legendary heavy-bottomed stainless steel, you never have to worry about anything sticking or burning.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $200.00

Editor-in-chief, Faith, loves the 5-quart version of this pan, calling it the “prize jewel” of her cookware collection. “This deep, heavy pan does it all — sear then braise (it goes into the oven too of course)," she says. The roomy surface area and high edges of this pan are great for browning multiple portions of food, making large batches of risotto, or slow-cooking sauces. At 51 percent off, it’s a serious steal.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $350.00

Whether you're boiling water for pasta, steaming shellfish, or making long-simmering chilis, you need a high-quality stockpot to get the job done. All-Clad's 8-quart stockpot has five bonded layers of metal, giving it excellent heat retention and distribution properties, so you won’t have to worry about burning or scorching ingredients. You can sear meat or veggies on the heavy base, then cover it to cook over low heat for hours.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $200.00

Perfect for braising, roasting, simmering, deep frying, and boiling, this 5-quart sauteuse pan is a kitchen essential. It's fitted with a helper handle that makes it simpler to move the pan, while flared rims allow for easy transfer of liquids without creating a mess. And like all other All-Clad cookware pieces, its oven and broiler safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, making it incredibly versatile.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $1000.00

If you're looking to replace your old cookware set with a brand new one, this is your chance to snag All-Clad's 10-piece stainless steel set that includes pretty much everything you need at a whopping 40 percent off. The set includes two fry pans, two saucepans with lids, a sauteuse pan with a lid, and a stockpot with a lid. Plus, all the pieces conveniently stack together for easy storage.