All-Clad’s VIP Sale Includes the $60 Skillet You’ll Use Every Day — Plus 9 More Favorites

published Feb 12, 2024
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Wooden lower cabinets in apartment kitchen.
Credit: Erin Derby

We’re finally emerging from hibernation season, aka hearty cooking season, but that’s no reason to put away your pots and pans. If anything, there’s no better time to refresh your culinary arsenal and stock up on what might be missing in your kitchen. We’re specifically talking about high-quality cookware, whether you’re in the market for a dome-shaped braiser or a versatile frying pan set. All-Clad not only carries every piece of cookware you could possibly need, but the brand is also hosting its VIP sale ahead of the holiday weekend. This means you can save big on stainless steel and cast iron cookware — some pieces are currently going for more than $100 off! You can see 10 of our top picks below, though you don’t want to wait too long before snagging your next prized piece, as it could be gone soon.

These pots and pans do have minor damage or damaged packaging, but that won’t affect their performance. In other words, the cookware is just imperfect enough that it can’t be sold at retail, but it’s still perfectly good. To enter the sale, simply accept the terms on the Home and Cooks Sales page here, enter your email, and shop away!

1 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $110.00

You’ll want to fry up a storm with this 8-inch fry pan at your fingertips. Made from patented five-ply construction for the best heat distribution, it works with all cooktops and is equally great for searing, browning, and pan-frying. You can also toss it in the oven or under the broiler — plus, the pan is dishwasher-safe. It's the perfect gift for pros and novices alike thanks to its versatile applications and easy-to-use design.

2 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $200.00

The heavy-bottomed design of this saucepan makes it ideal for cooking delicate sauces, gravies, and even caramel. And where lightweight pans can scorch and burn, All-Clad’s three-ply design distributes heat evenly and consistently. The included lid adds more versatility, and the pan is the perfect volume for cooking breakfast oats, boiling eggs, or reheating leftovers.

3 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $245.00

Although a good fry pan will handle a lot of everyday cooking, a sauté pan is the key to easy dinners because it gives you more room to cook and stir things (and its high sides prevent food from spilling out). This version has a bonded three-ply construction, so it distributes heat evenly and doesn't develop hot spots, which are the primary culprit of burnt food. Plus, it comes with a lid for steaming, braising, or simply keeping dishes warm until it's time to serve.

4 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $150.00

Perfect for big families and two-person households alike, this 6-quart pasta pot allows you to whip up a whole lot (or just a little) spaghetti carbonara at once. Not only does the pot give your noodles plenty of space to boil without sticking to one another, but it also comes with a 4-quart perforated insert, so you don't have to break out a colander when it comes time to strain them.

5 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $250.00

A one-pot superhero, All-Clad's weeknight pan combines the functions of a sauté pan and saucier, saving you the hassle of switching between multiple pots and pans while cooking. The wide base is perfect for searing and sautéing without overcrowding ingredients, while the sloped sides make it ideal for simmering stews, whisking sauces, and browning meats. Like most All-Clad pans, it can easily go from the stovetop to the oven.

6 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $150.00

The key to a delicious turkey or roast can often be the pan you prepare it in. This roaster is the perfect pick, as its V-shaped rack keeps meat off the base of the pan, allowing it to heat evenly. When you take your dish out of the oven, you can easily collect the runoff to use for sauces and gravies. The roaster's tall sides also mean the inside of your oven will remain clean and splatter-free.

7 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $260.00

Dutch ovens are true workhorses in the kitchen — making bread, soups, stews, and other eats in them is a breeze — so adding one to your collection is always a good idea. This one can feed several people with its 6-quart capacity, and it’s constructed with a wide-bottom surface and thick walls to ensure even heating. Plus, it comes with its own trivet, making the pot even easier to transfer from stove to table.

8 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $195.00

With a slim construction designed to store easily, this do-it-all piece works as both a sauté and roasting pan, saving you even more space. It also has enough surface area to accommodate several cuts of protein at once!

9 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $305.00

Most roasting pans are large in size and consequently a pain to store, but this round braiser manages to hold a lot without taking up a ton of space. We appreciate its built-in rack and flavor-trapping, dome-shaped lid, not to mention the two generous side handles that let you carefully remove the braiser from the oven. This piece is great for preparing roasts, casseroles, and everything in between.

10 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $90.00

Say hello to your new everyday pans. Each one of these nonstick fry pans is ideal for cooking a variety of dishes and caramelizing meat and veggies to give them exceptional flavor. Everything slides out easily, even eggs and melted cheeses.