All-Clad’s Massive VIP Sale Includes Our Favorite Fry Pan for Just $50 — and 7 Other Can’t-Miss Deals

updated Feb 17, 2021
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Credit: Leela Cyd

Call me a skeptic, but whenever I see something on sale for upwards of 60 percent off, I have my suspicions that I might (unfortunately) get what I pay for. But when All-Clad’s VIP sale comes along, which happens several times a year, I jump at the chance to score amazing, high-quality cookware at bargain prices. And right now is no exception: The current sale is packed with essentials for building or upgrading your stainless steel cookware collection. In fact, many Kitchn editors have outfitted their kitchens from this sale alone. Yes, it’s that good!

A few notes to anyone new to All-Clad’s VIP sale: You’ll notice that every item is marked either Second Quality or Packaging Damage, meaning it has some sort of minor defect or blemish that would make it un-saleable at retail. This could mean scratches or dents that don’t affect performance, basically resembling what most cookware looks like after a little wear and tear. To access the limited-time sale, enter your email on the Home and Cooks website, and you’ll be shopping in no time. We’ve rounded up a few deals you can’t afford to miss below, and if you see something you love, don’t wait to jump on it. Items always sell out quickly!

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $110.00

While we love a large, 12-inch stainless steel skillet, for everyday use it can be overkill. This 8-inch fry pan is large enough to sear one or two servings of protein and is perfect for making quick stovetop recipes like grilled cheese sandwiches or eggs. The three-ply construction has an aluminum core that helps it heat up rapidly and evenly, and the slightly brushed exterior prevents food from sticking. We don’t see this pan priced below $50 often, so add it to your cart ASAP before it sells out!

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands: All-Clad Krups Rowenta T-Fal
was $370.00

Why do you need this pan? Just ask Kitchn's editor-in-chief, Faith, who calls the slightly smaller 5-quart version of this pan the “prize jewel” of her cookware collection. “This deep, heavy pan does it all — sear then braise (it goes into the oven too of course). When I make a stew or pot roast, it usually starts in this pan.” The generous surface area and capacity of this pan are great for browning multiple portions of food, making large batches of risotto, or slow-simmering sauces. At 57 percent off, it’s a serious steal.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands: All-Clad Krups Rowenta T-Fal
was $155.00

Petite saucepans like this 1.5-qt. lidded model from All-Clad’s classic stainless steel collection are perfect for making small batches of grains, heating milk for hot cocoa, boiling veggies, or warming up leftover soup. The pan’s aluminum core heats liquids quickly, and the tight-fitting lid and tall sides limit evaporation when simmering or boiling.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $325.00

Sear, braise, simmer, slow cook, fry – there’s really nothing you can't do in this 6-qt. All-In-One Pan. Unlike a saute pan, the sides of this one are slightly sloped, so you'll be able to get into every corner when stirring or mixing. Plus the deep sides of the pan help to minimize splatter when searing or pan frying fatty items. Rather than one long handle, the All-In-One pan has two smaller handles for easy transport of heavy recipes, so you can make a nice presentation if you’re bringing your creations right to the table.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $350.00

Every kitchen needs one big pot for boiling water for pasta, steaming shellfish, or making long-simmering chilis. This 8-qt. stock pot from All-Clad's D5 line has five bonded layers of metal, giving it excellent heat retention and distribution properties so you won’t have to worry about burning or scorching ingredients. You can sear meat or veggies on the heavy base, then cover it to cook over low heat for hours.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $105.00

We've never seen All-Clad's do-it-all skillet priced this low! The 7.5-inch skillet is just right for whipping up quick one-serving meals — or pretty much any small task on the stove. And like all All-Clad stainless steel cookware, it's oven and broiler safe up to a whopping 500 degrees.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $240.00

A pan so good it made Kitchn's Best List! Featuring three layers of aluminum and stainless steel, this pan heats quickly and evenly, and the low, sloped sides make flipping easy. This handy beauty lets you do it all — sear, brown, fry, or pop on the lid to lock in moisture. The large surface area is perfect for one-pan meals.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands: All-Clad Krups Rowenta T-Fal
was $360.00

If you enjoy whipping up stir-frys, you'll want All-Clad's Copper Core stir fry pan in your arsenal. You can also use it for tossing pasta, cooking large batches of veggies, and anything else that you want to easily toss and move around quickly, thanks to the long, ergonomically designed handle. The large surface area is great for cooking big batches of meals in a single go.