All-Clad’s Final VIP Sale of the Year Is Happening Now — Here’s What to Snag ASAP!

published Dec 6, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

Black Friday and Cyber Week are officially over, but that doesn’t mean the sales have ended! If the preceding months of early deals taught us anything here at Kitchn, it’s that if you look hard enough, you can almost always find a good markdown on exactly what you’re looking for — or at least the next best thing. Whether you’re in the market for a new Dutch oven from an editor-favorite brand, a fire pit to keep the patio warm on chilly nights, or your next heavy-duty blender, chances are, you’re just one Google search away from scoring it at a sweet discount. And, if your search engine brought you to this post, you’re extra lucky! Today, we bring you 10 of our favorite items from All-Clad’s last VIP sale of 2022, which runs through Dec. 8.

The list includes pots, pans, and more cookware essentials for up to 70 percent off. How can the prices be so low? Well, these are “factory seconds,” which means they might have minor cosmetic scratches and some cookware might not be engraved on the bottom — but there are no defects that’ll affect the performance of the cookware at all. And, as longtime All-Clad fans, trust us when we say this is one shopping event you don’t want to miss.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $110.00

A lot of frying pans purport to be nonstick, but this one's three-ply bonded stainless-steel interior truly heats food in no time without giving you a reason to scrub afterward. Brown, fry, and sear everything from eggs to seafood while maintaining the contents' rich flavors. What's more, the pan's flared rim lets you stir and swivel your spatula in all directions for even cooking and easy serving.

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Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $150.00

The key to a delicious, moist turkey or roast can often be the pan you prepare it in. This roaster is the perfect pick, as its V-shaped rack keeps meat off the base of the pan, allowing it to heat evenly. When you take your dish out of the oven, you can easily collect the runoff to use for sauces and gravies. The roaster's tall sides also mean the inside of your oven will remain clean and splatter-free.

3 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $240.00

All-Clad's famous frying pans come in many different sizes, including this 12-inch version, which has its own lid. Prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for more than one person on its tri-ply stainless-steel interior, and enjoy bites that are caramelized and crisp to your exact liking. Want to keep the stovetop free of grease? Just leave the lid on!

4 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $395.00

Whether you use this 4-quart pan to actually whip up a sauce or to simply warm up leftovers, you won't be disappointed by the final result. Its deep design keeps the moisture and flavors inside, leaving no cold spots in the middle of your food. A thin brown strip lines the base, distinguishing this pan as the one with a copper center core that allows for rapid heating.

5 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $700.00

Even if you add most of these items to your shopping wishlist to come back to later, if you buy one thing now, make it this 10-piece set. Not only does it cover all your cookware needs, but it does so for just $200. Compared to the set's original price tag of $700, that's chump change. With your purchase, you get a stockpot, fry pans, a sauce pan, and everything else you could possibly need for preparing at-home meals. Each piece is also nonstick and stackable.

6 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $245.00

Frying pans are great for whipping up quick everyday meals, but if you have extra time and really want to give it your all, this saute pan is the piece to reach for. Featuring tall sides, a lid, and a wide interior, this All-Clad must-have can churn out a range of tasty dishes that melt in your mouth. Two handles let you transfer the pan from the stovetop, to the table, and to the sink — without a hassle.

7 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $485.00

If you've made the mistake of preparing soup or pasta in a shallow pot only to be left with unevenly cooked noodles, you know the importance of owning a quality stock pot. This 8-quart beauty is a great choice, especially now that it's marked down more than 50 percent. It's part of All-Clad's copper core collection, so you can rest assured that its contents will be boiling in no time.

8 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $150.00

This is no electric kettle, but it looks just as modern and heats water in a flash, thanks to its stainless-steel build and tight-fitting lid. A tall, wide handle keeps your hands safe as you pour, and you can safely stick the kettle in the dishwasher for easy cleanups. This is one piece every tea enthusiast should have on their stovetop 24/7.

9 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $90.00

All breakfast-lovers need this square griddle in their arsenal. It's just the thing for making pancakes, bacon, omelets, and all kinds of other morning delights. The only bad part of breakfast is having to clean up afterward, but this hard-anodized aluminum pan features a nonstick coating for quick washes. You'll know it's working when the whole house smells incredible.

10 / 10
Home & Cook Groupe SEB Brands
was $160.00

You made it through our favorite pots and pans from the sale, but no cookware collection is complete without utensils! Snag your ladle, slotted spoon, turner, and large fork all in one go by purchasing this stainless-steel set. The pieces come in their own matching canister, which will look sleek and right at home atop your counter. Whether you're still stirring or ready to serve, these tools will definitely come in handy every mealtime.