All-Clad Is Having One of Their Biggest Sales Yet and It Includes So Many of Our Favorite Pieces

updated Jun 16, 2020
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It’s back and bigger (and better!) than ever! Yes, we’re talking about the All-Clad VIP Sale, which just kicked off with deals of up to 70 percent off the cookware brand’s classic stainless steelhard anodized and copper core pieces. In case you’re new here, the event is the perfect opportunity to replace old and beat-up cookware with All-Clad’s high-quality pieces without spending a fortune! This time around, the sale includes deals on some of the Kitchn staff’s best-loved cookware pieces, including Editor-in-Chief Faith’s favorite fry pan and skillet, Associate Food Editor Meghan’s treasured 2-qt. pan and Studio Food Editor Jesse’s can’t-do-without skillet. To access the limited-time event, visit the Home and Cook Sales site, which is hosting the sale, then enter your email address and begin shopping. The sale runs through the rest of the week, but the best deals usually sell out in a flash, so to help you get to the good stuff quickly, we’ve rounded up our favorites below.

Credit: All-Clad

1. 6-Qt. Saute Pan with Lid

Editor-in-Chief Faith loves her 6-qt. pan that’s the perfect size to brown a batch of beef for a whole pot of stew or even cook a whole bag of kale at one go. It’s also a great size for bigger families or anyone who loves meal prepping in larger batches. Another major pro? “It features a large surface area and tall sides,” adds Faith. ” I use it for chicken, fish and all the things.”

Buy: 6-Qt. Saute Pan with Lid, $170 (normally $370)

Credit: All-Clad

2. 2-Qt. Saucepan with Lid

Associate Food Editor Meghan has tried almost every All-Clad pot and pan ever made and has accumulated an exhaustive collection over the past 15 years. But out of all of them, her top pick is the 2-qt. saucepan with lid. “My favorite 2-quart stainless steel saucepan is also great for cooking rice perfectly, making simple syrup for cocktails and cakes, and quickly cooking frozen peas or corn for a quick weeknight side,” she says. “And it’s weirdly handy when it comes to crushing ice or flattening crashed potatoes.”

Buy: 2-Qt. Sauce Pan with Lid, $110 (normally $215)

Credit: All-Clad

3. All-Clad 8-inch Fry Pan

An everyday kitchen essential, this 8-inch fry pan is built to take on any type of cooking and survive almost any kitchen disaster. “Right out of the box, I tried to make an extra gooey grilled cheese, only to have my inches-thick grated-cheese layer burn to a black mess all over the pan while I was distracted, ” says Kitchn’s Senior SEO Manager, Brenda. “A lesser pan would’ve been completely shot, but after few sprinkles of Barkeeper’s Friend and a sponge, my All-Clad was back to its brand-new gleam.”

Buy: All-Clad 8-inch Fry Pan, $55 (normally $95)

Credit: All-Clad

4. 14-Inch Open Stir Fry Pan

“I love this stir-fry pan for many reasons,” says Studio Food Editor Jesse. “Not only is it great for stir-frys (obviously!), but it’s perfect for tossing pasta, cooking large batches of veggies and anything else that benefits from being easily tossed and moved around quickly.” The large surface area is also great for cooking big batches of meals at a single go, while the long, ergonomically designed handle makes tossing super easy.

Buy: 14-Inch Open Stir Fry Pan, $150 (normally $260)

Credit: All-Clad

5. 12-Inch Fry Pan with Lid 

Another one of Faith’s favorite All-Clad pans, the 12-inch fry pan is a workhorse that never leaves her stovetop and one she practically uses every single day. “You can sear chicken breasts with plenty of room for browning; you can cook pork chops and scrambled eggs,” she notes. “It’s the skillet everyone needs.”

Buy: 12-Inch Fry Pan with Lid, $120 (normally $225)

Credit: All-Clad

6. 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set 

I finally traded old, mismatched cookware pieces for this gorgeous 10-piece All-Clad set over three months ago, and I absolutely love it! The set includes 8-inch and 10-inch fry pans, 2.5-qt. and 3.5-qt. saucepans with lids, a 4-qt. sauté pan with lid and an 8-qt. stockpot with lid. It’s a great compact set for home chefs who enjoy the convenience of nonstick but are still looking for high-quality pieces that evenly distribute heat and allow you to brown and sear meats to perfection. Like all All-Clad pieces, the set is also oven-safe, which is another major pro!

Buy: 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set, $300 (normally $700)

Credit: All-Clad

7. Nonstick Grill Grid

Tired of losing items like thin, delicate vegetables and seafood to the dark hole that is the space between your grill grates? All-Clad’s heavy-duty nonstick grill grid has perforations that are just large enough to add that smoky flavor to foods yet keep things from slipping out. It’s also compatible with grills of all types and has a nonstick surface that makes it easy to use as well as clean!

Buy: Nonstick Grill Grid, $50 (normally $100)