All-Clad’s Big Bakeware Sale Is the Perfect Time to Stock up on Fall Cooking Essentials

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Close up snickerdoodle cookie with bite taken out.
Credit: Photo: Ghazalle Badiozamani | Food Stylist: Jesse Szewczyk

One of our favorite pieces of shopping advice is simple: be proactive. If you keep an eye out for products before you absolutely need them, you have the luxury of waiting for the best deals to arrive and knowing you’re getting the lowest price possible. That advice is especially true with seasonal purchases, such as bakeware for the fall.

We’re not ready for summer to end yet either, but we are ready to think about which kitchen pieces we might want to replace or upgrade so that we’re prepared to do all our fall baking when the time comes. Right now, All-Clad is having a sale on essential baking tools such as sheet pans, cooling racks, and trays of all shapes and sizes. Our editors are big fans of All-Clad’s pots and pans, and we know these deals on high-quality bakeware pieces won’t last long. Check out our top picks below, then start planning your fall dessert lineup.

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All-Clad is known for their D3 material, which uses two outer layers of stainless steel and one inner layer of aluminum to create high-performing baking tools. This wire cooling rack uses that construction to quickly and evenly cool down all your baked goods so you can enjoy them at their best. You can also use this as a roasting rack to get a nice char on peppers, tomatoes, and other produce.

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Step up your cookie game with this three-piece set that includes two nonstick pans and a durable cooling rack. The half sheet pans give your baked desserts plenty of room to cook and brown evenly, and their ceramic coating makes sure food slides off without getting stuck or burnt. The cooling rack is essential for ensuring your cookies maintain their crisp exterior as they cool down to tasting temperature.

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For a smaller and versatile baking pan that's perfect for cookies and pastries, get this quarter sheet pan. You can fit it around larger baking dishes in your oven if you're tight on space, which is a big help when you're cooking for any big holiday meals. And, because it combines an aluminum core with a stainless-steel exterior, the pan heats up quickly and evenly to bake all your food in a uniform fashion — an essential for good baked goods!

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The large surface area on this roasting sheet makes it ideal for baking cookies and pastries because it gives your treats enough room to spread out and brown on all sides. Its triple-layered stainless-steel construction heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly, which will prevent your food from accidentally burning. Plus, the slightly raised edges prevent crumbs from falling off.

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Fall baking also includes roasting, and that is exactly what this half sheet pan is best suited for. Use this to get a delicious char on root vegetables and all your favorite sheet-pan dinners. Its dimensions are slightly smaller than a standard half sheet pan size, which makes it easy to maneuver within tiny kitchens.

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Cover all your bases with this complete bakeware set. It includes two round cake pans (for perfect layer cakes), a muffin tin, a cookie sheet, a quarter sheet pan, and several square and rectangular baking pans for sweet or savory dishes. All of the pans and sheets have a ceramic coating that makes them wonderfully nonstick, too — so all your dishes will come out looking beautiful.