Alice’s Extra Freezer Shelf

2010_03_03-FreezerShelf.jpgAre you working on cleaning out a cluttered freezer this week? Take a look at this tip from reader Alice, who was having a hard time keeping her freezer organized. She came up with an ingenious (and cheap!) tip for adding an extra compartment.

From Alice:

Recently, my freezer’s been getting filled up and it’s been hard to find things and keep track of what’s mine and what’s my roommate’s. I was brainstorming ideas for adding an extra shelf, when I came up with this super easy solution that doesn’t even require any hardware.

I simply took a wire paper sorter (salvaged from the street), and used cotton kitchen string to tie it securely to the wire shelving already in place inside the freezer. I was careful to make the shelf dip a little lower in the back so frozen items wouldn’t fall out.

The materials cost barely anything ($0 in my case), and it takes minutes to “install.” Plus, filling up the empty spaces in the freezer helps the refrigerator run more efficiently. I’m quite proud of it!

Wow, nice job, Alice! This is a nice little hack for making more space in the freezer. If you want a more ready-made option, also try these undershelf baskets; they would probably work just fine in the freezer!

(Image: Alice via email)