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This Alfredo Bread Bowl Is Rich, Creamy Comfort Food at Its Finest

published Feb 1, 2022
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Bread bowl on baking sheet.
Credit: Photo: Kristin Teig | Food Stylist: Catrine Kelty
Homemade Bread Bowls

Few pasta dishes are as creamy and truly indulgent as Alfredo, the smooth, rich sauce loaded with cheese and butter that deliciously coats any pasta. Whether we modify the Alfredo concept into a pizza or a casserole, it always hits the spot. But sometimes it’s fun to take the richest of comfort food dishes and somehow make it even more of a perfect treat!

That brings me to the Alfredo Bread Bowl, a creation of TikTok user TheSoulBae, that has somehow managed to take an already-special dish and bring it up a notch.

TheSoulBae starts the recipe by adding pasta to boiling water, while firing up a skillet and adding what appears to be Lawry’s seasoning salt to diced chicken. She then follows that by adding heavy cream, butter, milk, sour cream, shredded mozzarella, two different varieties of Cajun seasoning, garlic, and a ton of spinach. After taking a wooden spoon and stirring that spinach into the warming ingredients, she adds the cooked pasta, bacon bits, and the now-seared chicken to the indulgent blend. This is all put into a bread bowl, which TheSoulBae mentions in the comments had been purchased and scooped out from a local bakery.

This recipe is especially heavy on the dairy, so those who are watching their lactose intake may want to adapt the concept using this Vegan Alfredo Sauce recipe. Regardless of the version you make, however, there’s no denying it looks delicious. What’s better on a cold night than carbs inside other carbs, loaded with creamy cheese? Nothing if you ask me!