Alex Guarnaschelli Shares Her Favorite Thing to Cook at Home

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Do you ever wonder what chefs eat on their own time? You know, when they’re just hanging out in their sweats and dancing to the stereo and existing in a world outside of their rockstar lives? Do they survive on fancy cheese and crackers, or are they meal prepping for the week ahead like the rest of us?

In a recent interview with Lancaster Online, Alex Guarnaschelli let us in on what she cooks when she’s at home. It’s not a five-ingredient slow cooker recipe, but it’s also not just spoonfuls of caviar and buttered lobster.

Everyone has a favorite meal to eat as well as cook and quite often the two are not the same. Guarnaschelli, who we’ve all seen all over Food Network in all sorts of ways, is a fan of duck.

I love to cook duck. I enjoy the thighs, the fat, the breast meat, the bones, the carcasses, the neck, the liver — every part is delicious.

– Alex Guarnaschelli

I’m not sure in my own life that there’s any sort of protein I love enough to say that I enjoy the bones, carcasses, and neck. That doesn’t mean I don’t use them in my cooking, but when speaking off the cuff about something I don’t usually go gaga for carcasses. This girl obviously loves her duck.

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If you haven’t found the same gusto for this fancy fowl, why not give it a whirl? We’re all obviously missing out if someone can love an animal to this extent and show such unbridled passion for it. Here are a few bits of help for those looking to cultivate your love of duck.

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