Alex Guarnaschelli Reveals She Sliced Off the Tip of Her Finger While Filming Season 2 of “Alex vs. America”

published Aug 15, 2022
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Chef Alex Guarnaschelli prepares food on stage during the Grand Tasting
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Food Network star Alex Guarnaschelli took a loss for the sake of food entertainment recently, and for the chef, it was quite a big one.

While promoting her chef spot at the U.S. Open, Guarnaschelli shared with People that she lost a fingertip while shooting season two of her show Alex vs. America. Revealing that the incident took place during the filming of the Brunch Battle episode (episode three), Guarnaschelli revealed that it went down while she was slicing sunchokes with a mandoline. In the process of creating something tasty, however, she accidentally positioned the sharp gadget a little too close to her hand, resulting in her slicing the tip of her middle finger. Ouch!

While anyone else may have taken that as their chance to call it quits for the day, Guarnaschelli was not willing to risk taking a loss on the day’s competition. “So the producer is saying to me, ‘What do we do here? How do we handle this? Because this show is called Alex vs. America. And you’re at the sink trying to stop yourself from bleeding,'” she told the outlet. And in true chef form, she chose to let the clock go and keep filming. 

After accidentally losing her fingertip, the cookbook author said she felt embarrassed, upset, and let a few expletives fly. She also shared that now, as a result of accident, the tip of her finger isn’t completely round.

Credit: Alex Guarnaschelli/Instagram

During a Q&A from fans on her Instagram Stories, Guarnaschelli gave a little more insight on the what-could-be traumatic experience when one follower asked her how she recovers mentally when things go wrong. “I keep cooking and cooking. Practice heals a lot.”

The same Q&A session also revealed that stitches were a no-go for the chef as it was “too hard to stitch back that piece of the fingertip.”

If not for anything else, at least she has a unique story to tell over dinner for years to come! And, if you’re using her butter-soaked cheesecloth hack this Thanksgiving, you’ll have a good conversation piece to match, too!