Does Your Tap Water Ignite?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Water Under Attack is a new documentary from Josh Fox, who learned that natural gas drilling was coming to New York City’s watershed, as well as to his hometown in Milanville, PA. So he hopped in his car and drove out west to find out the effects of the recent drilling boom. Although the water has tested out OK with the city, many residents with wells still have ignitable tap water. Trust us when we say: Watch this.

Natural gas has been advertised as a solution to our nation’s energy problems. But what you aren’t being told is there’s a flurry of under-reported disasters: polluted air, undrinkable water and a rising health crisis. The issue as seen in this video is not natural gas in city water, of course, but natural gas that has seeped into the groundwater and thus into home wells.

Josh Fox has made it his mission to uncover and expose what’s being called “The Red Zone.” Currently, it’s isolated to a few western states in rural areas, but that doesn’t make it any less newsworthy or disheartening, as the efforts to bring this type of drilling all across the US will affect people from the north, south, east and west.

People, plants and animals are still living in these areas but have to truck their own water in. The natural gas companies and city/states in which they live have all turned a cold shoulder and told many citizens that the water is just fine, even though it’s a murky color and lights on fire.

It’s easy to think that this is an isolated problem, but the area which is affected isn’t small and is one that supplies the country with fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses. Produce and animals that have been grown on this same water, could they be harmful to us? Many residents complain of constant headaches and other ailments.

We don’t mean to highlight this work as a scare tactic for everyone around the country, but we do encourage you to do your own research on the movement and make your own decisions or take action as you see fit. We’re personally a little creeped out and are thankful for the efforts that Josh Fox is taking to bring something like this to the attention of all.

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