Get Your Aldiploma! Aldi UK Is Now Offering a Free Wine Course

updated Oct 23, 2019
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Okay so getting a high school or college diploma is obviously a big deal, but another one that might be just as cool? A wine diploma — or Aldi UK’s “Aldiploma,” which you’ll get once graduating from their new free wine course that’ll give you the knowledge you need to wow the crowd at your next dinner party. 

The course is made up of six parts, and you can take classes online or through video with Aldi’s wine expert and “Mistress of Wine” Sam Caporn.

And it looks like Aldi UK’s clientele could really benefit from some vino tips. According to Aldi’s research, 62% of British customers say they find it easier to plan a holiday than pick the right bottle of wine. What’s more, 57% say they find buying a bottle of wine scary. And buying wine shouldn’t be anxiety-provoking but rather exciting — hey, you’re about to drink some delicious wine! 

So, to make those butterflies go away, this course could be the handy aid to get you browsing through the wine selection with a clear direction in mind — the grape, varietal, flavors, and more. It’ll differentiate between Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, and it’ll tell you when and how to enjoy sweet, dry, crisp, and sparkling. It’ll also break down tough lingo and terminology, so you can go out and intimidate everyone else with your savvy tongue.  And you’ll feel a lot more comfortable ordering a bottle for the table or picking one up when trying to impress for date night. 

You can download the course for free, and you can even buy cases of the wines that are discussed in each module (if you live in the UK), so ya know, you can sip on that while you work that noggin’.