Aldi Just Brought Back a Super Convenient $2 Lunch Find — It’s Already Flying Off Shelves!

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A shot of an Aldi food market sign that's bright and colorful with a blue sky in Hutchinson Kansas USA that was on 9-13-2020.
Credit: Robert D Brozek/Shutterstock

I’m always on the hunt for tasty and filling groceries that make lunch easier during the week. I find myself getting wrapped up in my work and tedious tasks, so slowing down to make lunch isn’t always an option. Thankfully, Aldi can come in clutch with quick lunches, such as these $2 shelf-stable tamales. And, more recently, Aldi brought back another affordable lunch staple that I tend to reach for when I need something tasty to eat in a pinch: tinned fish!

Earlier this month, Aldi brought back the chain’s line of German food finds, along with a few newer items for shoppers to enjoy. One of the most coveted finds that shoppers love is tinned fish; specifically the Deutsche Küche Herring Fillets. It’s imported from Germany and comes in three tasty sauces: Curry Pineapple, Tomato, and Mango Pepper. This 7-ounce can has two servings of fish, or if you’re especially hungry, the perfect amount of fish for lunch. Simply open up a can and spread it on toast, or mix it in with pasta.

The best part? These Herring Fillet tins only cost $1.69 each, which means each serving only costs you $0.85. Seems like the perfect cheap (and filling) lunch!

Tinned fish has been an Aldi fan favorite for years now. However, Aldi only puts these specific tinned fish flavors out when it’s time for their “German Week,” a weeklong sale of their favorite German-inspired food products, such as these frozen apple strudel desserts. If you’re interested in the specialty German items, Aldi usually has two big drops — one in the spring and one in the fall.

Plus, because the fish is preserved in a tin, you can stock up on as many tins as you want for future lunches long after German Week is over at Aldi. We personally love to stock up on tinned fish for these easy, everyday meals when we’re not sure what to make for dinner.