Aldi Just Leaked Info on Its Summer Drink Collection — It Includes Lots of Bottles of $4 Wine, Hard Seltzers, and More

published Apr 29, 2022
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Credit: Aldi

No matter what your plans are this summer, chances are high they will involve a chilled fruity drink on a warm sunny day. You’re reading this post after all. In fact, maybe that is your only plan for summer, in which case, cheers! And also, we hope you made room in the fridge …

Aldi recently announced its summer drink collection, and it includes a mix of new and returning bottles, cans, and yes, even two boxes of wine. There is an overwhelming fruit theme — pineapple, mango, watermelon, pears, a mix of berries, and more. These are the nine we’re most excited about.

Credit: Aldi

1. Giambellino Raspberry Bellini, $5.99

Made with sparkling wine, natural flavors and artificial color, this new bubbly is the other bottle you’ll want to break out for brunch — or happy hour. We think the vibrant hue goes great with a sunset, after all.

Credit: Aldi

2. Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Strawberry Wine, $3.99 

If you like $4 berry-flavored wine, there’s a new sweet strawberry bottle, made with a delicious blend of red wine and natural flavors coming to shelves near you. And if stone fruits and melons are more your taste, opt for the Sweet Mango and Sweet Watermelon instead.

Credit: Aldi

3. Pacific Fruit Vineyards Wine Seltzer Variety Pack, $17.99 

These wine-based seltzers come in four, you guessed it, fruity flavors: blackberry, peach, pineapple, and strawberry and are a blend of seltzer, wine, and natural fruit flavors. (Peach lovers, there’s also a peach-only 4-pack available). While it’s the most expensive item on the list, we think the variety is also the most bang for your buck. 

Credit: Aldi

4. Utopian Breeze Peach Moscato, $10.99  

Why go to the trouble of carrying four bottles, when you can tote one box?! This moscato wine is a white blend with semi-sweet notes of fresh peaches (there is also a mixed berry flavor available). Pop it in the fridge and enjoy all summer long — it stays fresh for up to six weeks after opening!

Credit: Aldi

5. Vistosa Red Sangria, $5.99 

Imported from Spain, this pre-mixed red sangria is ripe for a gathering. Grab a pitcher and ice, and maybe some sliced fruit and a little brandy (if that’s your thing!) and take some out to the porch with a few friends. No porch? No matter! Sangria tastes just as good at the park, on a stoop, in your bedroom …

Credit: Aldi

6. Zarita Watermelon Margarita, $13.99  

This bottle is fit for a party! The ready-made margarita wine cocktails, available in two new flavors — Watermelon and Mango — are made with agave wine, natural flavors, and are colored with fruit and vegetable juice. Just add ice and, maybe, a few friends. 

Credit: Aldi

7. Petit Coconut Wine Specialty, $7.99  

Made with a blend of white wine, cream, and rich coconut flavoring, this bottle is a returning favorite for a few reasons: It’s delicious on its own, great in mixed drinks (we see you, piña colada), and an instant vacation. You cannot not smile after each sip.

Credit: Aldi

8. Pineapple Mimosa, $8.99     

Made with fresh-squeezed pineapple juice and dry, white wine, this semi-sweet bottle of Pineapple Mimosa is a seasonal twist on the year-round brunch classic. Bonus: It’s also available in Pomegranate.

Credit: Aldi

9. Wicked Grove Pearsecco, $7.99 

This bubbly, dry hard cider, is  straight effervescence in a can. Inspired by crisp and light sparkling wines, the flavor is bright and fresh and a little bit tart. It’s also the punniest of the bunch. And we are here for it.

Which of these are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below!