Aldi Just Launched 3 Cheeses That Taste Like Summer Cocktails — Here Are My Honest Thoughts on Each One

published Aug 25, 2021
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Aldi Summer Alcohol Cheese

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Aldi has carved out a little niche for itself in the World of Wacky Cheeses. If you haven’t noticed, the discount grocer regularly introduces limited-edition cheeses in all sorts of flavors. There’s been Sriracha cheddar, cheddar with habanero peppers, Wensleydale cheese with raspberries and white chocolate, a pumpkin spice cheese for fall, and so many others.

But Aldi’s Cheese Innovators (Cheeseovators?) have officially outdone themselves. As of today, Aldi stores now carry the Emporium Selection Summer Alcohol Cheese Collection. That’s right — limited-edition cheeses made to taste like our favorite summertime cocktails, for just $3.49 each. The cheeses hit shelves today (part of August’s lineup of Aldi Finds), but I got my hands on some samples early and gave them a try. Here are my honest thoughts.

Note: These cheeses do not contain actual alcohol.

1. Piña Colada

First, it’s worth nothing that all three of these new cheese are Wensleydale cheeses. Wensleydale is a style of cheese that’s mostly made throughout the United Kingdom. (And these cheeses are imported from England.) It has notes of honey (so it pairs well with sweet things, making logical sense for these cocktail mashups) and a crumbly texture. This Piña Colada cheese features diced pineapples and diced peaches, which I could see and taste. There’s also a touch of coconut flavoring and the cheese really does taste like a piña colada. If you like piña coladas, this cheese is for you. (It’s very hard to say that first part without breaking into song.) I will say, this wasn’t my favorite of the bunch. But I also don’t love piña coladas. I do, however, like getting caught in the rain.

2. Peach Bellini

This Wensleydale cheese is blended with diced peaches, peach jam, and fruity Prosecco flavors. The texture-and-flavor combo legit reminded me of a big bowl of peaches and cottage cheese, and I was into it. I feel like this would make a great breakfast cheese. Pair some crumbles with crackers or toast.

3. Espresso Martini

Although I wouldn’t necessarily consider espresso martinis a summer cocktail, I will say that I appreciate this cheese. It’s made with chocolate-coated coffee beans and espresso martini flavoring. It’s sweet. It’s chocolatey. It’s coffee-y. I’m saving the rest of the block to eat as dessert. Maybe with some coffee or a glass of dessert wine.

Will you try any of these? Which of the three are you the most excited about?