This Is, Hands-Down, the Best Salad Kit You Can Get at Aldi

updated May 24, 2019
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(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Attention, Aldi shoppers: If you haven’t heard, Aldi’s fresh food category is increasing by 40 percent and every single store in the country is getting a makeover. The discount grocer is serious about fresh fruits and veggies and is doing everything it can to prove as much to shoppers. While most of the stores’ produce sections feature whole fruits and vegetables (with lots of organic stuff, too!), Aldi is rolling out more and more ready-to-eat meals, pre-cut stuff, and more.

Currently, the stores stock four types of bagged salad kits. (There are also four salad kit bowls, but those are more like grab-and-go lunches, so we decided they didn’t count.) And because we currently have salad kits on the brain (see: We Tried Nearly Every Salad Kit in America. Here Are the Top 5.), I decided to try them and pick my favorite.

The four salad kits that Aldi offers are as follows:

Can you guess which one was my favorite?

(Image credit: Lisa Freedman)

The winner: the Southwest Chopped Salad Kit! While I thoroughly enjoyed them all (I seriously wrote this in my notebook after trying the Caesar kit: “I would NOT be mad if I was served this salad at a wedding.” And this after the Asian one: “Got a wonton strip in every bite and YAY.”), the Southwest-themed kit was the clear favorite.

(Image credit: Lisa Freedman)

The base is a mix of green cabbage, romaine lettuce, kale, red cabbage, carrots, and (very welcomed) green onion pieces. And the pouches contain tortilla strips, a blend of four cheeses, and Greek yogurt jalapeño dressing. At first, I worried there wasn’t nearly enough cheese in the pouch. And that the dressing was going to be too spicy for my sensitive little taste buds. Both of those concerns went out the window by the time I was two bites in. There was more than enough cheese (and you’re talking to a girl who tried to have her wedding in a cheese cave!) and the dressing was creamy, tangy, lime-y, and the right amount of spicy. All together, this kit tasted just like a taco — only in salad form. So, uh, kinda like a taco salad I guess? But better!

I couldn’t stop eating this salad and that brings me to my only real complaint: I wish the bag was larger! I ate the whole bag for lunch and wanted more. Note: I wasn’t still hungry, I just wanted moar!

I have every intention of buying this again and, next time, I’m going to add taco-seasoned ground beef or grilled chicken and maybe some avocado pieces in order to turn the kit into an easy dinner. Ugh, I actually wish I had this in my fridge for dinner TONIGHT.

Have you tried these four salad kits at Aldi? Which one is your favorite?