The $3 Aldi Grocery I Use in the Ultimate 2-Ingredient Appetizer

published Jan 11, 2023
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Credit: Aldi

With years of Aldi shopping behind me, the quirky grocery store never ceases to exceed my expectations in every single aisle. Is there another store that sells both pies that can pass for homemade and salad mixes that are actually satisfying for under $4? If so, I’ve yet to find it.

As an avid Aldi shopper, this is my go-to spot for stocking up on snacks, appetizers, and other fun food finds. I have tried (and loved) the cheeses for charcuterie platters, and I’ve gifted the high-quality chocolates. When I taste tested every dip it offers (you know, for science), I realized that I had yet to explore Aldi’s chip selection. That is, until now.

After a thorough review, I have found that the Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips are the single best bag of chips that you can buy at Aldi.

Credit: Patty Catalano

What’s So Great About Aldi’s Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips?

If you find yourself digging through bags of veggie chips seeking out golden sweet potato slices, you will love the Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips at Aldi. These chips have a natural bright orange hue and earthy flavor that does not rely on any artificial colors or flavors.

If crunch-ability is the top factor in your chip choice, these sweet potato chips earn top marks. Much like a kettle-style potato chip, these chips provide a superior crunch compared to most other potato and tortilla chips.

The natural sugars in the sweet potatoes make it the ideal snack when you cannot choose between sweet and salty, but also can cause this style of chip to easily overcook and burn. Somehow Aldi has cracked the code, because every chip I tasted was cooked to a delightfully crisp texture.

What’s the Best Way to Use Aldi’s Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips?

While I love to eat these straight from the bag, try serving them with something sweet like this cannoli dip or with savory dips like this herbed Greek yogurt. If you’re looking for the ultimate two-ingredient Aldi appetizer, you can stop your search now. By an unbelievable stroke of luck, my pick for the store’s best dip — the Park Street Deli Dill Dip — pairs perfectly with these sweet potato chips. Set out a platter of crunchy vegetables, the crispy, salty-sweet chips, and the creamy dip for book clubs, potlucks, pre-game snacks — pretty much anywhere there’s a need for a nosh.

Find in stores: Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips, $3.29 for 7 ounces

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