6 Ways to Save Even More Money at Aldi

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Aldi has famously low prices, and it consistently comes in lower than other grocery stores. You already know that the store has inexpensive (conventional and organic) produce, wine, snacks that rival Trader Joe’s, coffee, chocolate, and more. So, clearly, you’ll save money just by shopping there instead of other mainstream grocery stores. But what if we were to tell you that you could save even more money? You can! And here’s how.

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1. Check the circulars.

Aldi has two different circulars: one features the weekly sales and the other features the Aldi Finds. The sales in the weekly ad start on Sunday and run through the week. In this circular, you’ll learn about things like 49-cent avocados, majorly marked down meat, and discounted bags of spinach.

The other circular will say “Aldi Insider” on it, and this is where you’ll find the new, limited-time additions. Known as Aldi Finds, these can include take-and-bake pizzas with fun toppings, Dutch ovens, wacky cheeses, and more — all at super-low prices. There’s always a current Aldi Insider, and the store releases a preview for the upcoming week, too.

Usually located at the entrance or exit of your local Aldi (and online!), it’s worth giving these a read to see if anything on sale happens to also appear on your shopping or wish list.

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2. Download some apps.

While Aldi doesn’t accept manufacturer coupons, you can still save money on certain items. Download an app — like ibotta, Checkout 51, or Receipt Hog — and just upload a picture of your receipt when you’re done shopping. You can earn real cash back just for buying certain things. Sometimes these things are specific brands of products, and other times they can be more generic like “oranges” or “bell peppers.”

Also, if you have a credit card that offers extra cash back on groceries, use that card at checkout!

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3. Pay attention to those Aldi Finds.

Even if you don’t check the circulars, take a minute to walk down the aisle with the Aldi Finds. You never know what you’re going to, um, find. Some weeks, there are desk chairs, Dutch ovens, and grilling tools; others, there are chainsaws, slow cookers, and special candies. And the prices are always unbelievable.

One tip: Only buy what you actually need and try not to buy anything JUST because the deal is so good. If you end up buying stuff you don’t need, just because it’s cheap, you’re not really saving any money.

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4. Bring your own bags.

If you need a bag at Aldi, it’ll cost you: They’re five or 10 cents each. Instead, you can take empty cardboard boxes that are available for free throughout the store, or you can bring reusable tote bags that you undoubtably already own in spades.

5. Check for clearance items.

Your store will probably have some unadvertised deals that you can take advantage of. Look for seasonal things (patio lights, travel cups, lunch bags, etc!) with clearance stickers sprinkled throughout the store and in the bargain bins up by the registers.

6. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Aldi has a “Twice as Nice Guarantee” policy, which means, if for any reason, you are not 100 percent satisfied with something, you can bring it back for a replacement product AND refund. You just have to bring back any unused product and the receipt. (So, make sure you save your receipts!) No more wasting money on stuff you want to take a chance on! Note: This policy does not apply to non-food items or alcohol.

Do you have any other ways to save even more money at Aldi? Add them in the comments below!