Aldi Has a Salted Caramel Goat Cheese Log — And Good Gosh, It Is Delicious

updated Jun 23, 2020
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If you’ve browsed the cheese section at Aldi at all this month, you might have noticed some, uh, interesting logs of goat cheese. As part of the brand’s October Aldi Finds, stores recently rolled out a pumpkin spice goat cheese log, an apple cinnamon log, and a salted caramel log. Most intrigued by the latter, I picked one up to try. And let the record show that I said I was intrigued. I didn’t have high hopes for it, but I was definitely interested in it. Was it a log of goat cheese with salted caramel drizzled on top? (Upon closer inspection of the packaging, I could tell it was not.) Would it be way too sweet? What would it go with?

Here’s what I discovered — and what I thought of Aldi’s Salted Caramel Coat Cheese Log, which is $2.49 for four ounces.

First of all, no, it is not a log of goat cheese with salted caramel drizzled on top. Rather it’s a log of light-brown goat cheese with the flavoring throughout. (Although, I think I will try drizzling caramel over a log in the near future!) It smells sweet yet tangy at the same time. Sure enough, the ingredient list features pasteurized goat’s milk and dulce de leche caramel as the first two items.

How does it taste, you ask? Like a special, cheesy fall treat. The caramel and the salt come through, but I also get a hint of cloves or nutmeg (the ingredient list just says “spice,” so I’m not sure). The maple sugar and the brown sugar also come through in a sweet-but-not-too-cloying way.

I thoroughly enjoyed (way too much of) this on a plain water cracker, but here’s where the surprising part comes: I bet this stuff would be so good crumbled on top of a bed of spinach with last-of-the-summer strawberries and some walnuts and a sharp balsamic dressing. Or snuck into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Or swiped onto graham crackers for a nice little dessert. It could also go into a no-bake cheesecake. Or you could make a ridiculously good trifle with it — plus some sautéed apples and a little maple syrup-sweetened whipped cream.

Now I wish I had also picked up the other two special goat cheese logs!

Have you tried this? What’d you think?