Aldi Is Selling a $13 Dupe of the Rice Cooker We Love for Perfectly Fluffy Rice Every Time

published Jul 5, 2024
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Oftentimes, single-function kitchen gadgets are a no-go — especially where countertop appliances are concerned. Many of our readers and staffers here at The Kitchn have limited space, so we prefer multipurpose toaster ovens, seven-in-one ice cream makers, and similarly versatile machines over ones that only do one thing. But every once in a while, a gadget comes along that totally wows us because it does that one thing so quickly and efficiently. One of them is the DASH mini rice cooker. We’ve loved this tiny machine for years, and at $23 it’s budget-friendly for an appliance. Just recently, though, we learned that Aldi’s $13 version was restocked, so now you can shop it for even less if you have a store near you. But even if you don’t, either one of these small-space-friendly rice cookers will help make meal prep a breeze by producing hot, fluffy rice in seconds. Grab yours while you can!

What Is the Ambiano 2-Cup Rice Cooker?

By all appearances, Aldi’s Ambiano rice cooker is the same as DASH’s, even down to how much rice it cooks. Both of these machines can make up to 2 cups of rice at a time, which is the perfect amount for single-person meals. If you use a larger appliance or choose to cook rice on the stove, making such a small amount isn’t worth the effort. Alternatively, cooking a big batch can be annoying if you’re only making rice for yourself. With either the Ambiano or DASH rice cooker, every serving you eat will be fresh and warm. What’s more, they barely take up any counter space. The DASH appliance measures just 8.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall, so when you’re done using it, you can easily stow it away inside a cabinet and leave your workspace free of clutter. Both rice cookers also have a “keep warm” setting at the end of the cooking cycle and come with a rice spoon and measuring cup.

Credit: Aldi

Why You’ll Love the Ambiano 2-Cup Rice Cooker

Former contributor Erin tested the DASH rice cooker and subsequently praised its nonstick materials and “set it and leave it” design. “All I have to do is measure out my rice and water, combine in the pot, and then turn the machine on with its simple switch,” she wrote in her review. “It takes about 30 minutes to make a half-cup of dry rice, but instead of having to keep an eye on a lit stove, I can just let this little machine do its job on my counter. I hadn’t even anticipated how much of a plus it would be during the summer when I’m always trying to avoid turning my stove on and heating up the kitchen.”

Erin also noted that she’d never been able to prepare homemade rice as pillowy-soft as when she started using this small appliance. “And once it’s time to clean up, I like that the pot is removable so all I have to do is give it a quick wipe,” she added.

Whether you opt for the DASH rice cooker or the $13 Aldi version, you, too, will enjoy all of these amazing qualities. The DASH model is available in more colors, but ultimately they both get the same job done. No more undercooked rice or hours spent over the stove!

Buy: DASH Mini Rice Cooker, $22.93