3 Big Ways Aldi Helps Me Save on Groceries Every Week

published Oct 18, 2022
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Before you visit Aldi, you should know that it’s not your average grocery store. You’ll notice this right away when you have to pay a quarter as a deposit to get your cart. You won’t find a lot of employees stocking shelves (some aisles don’t even have shelves!) or see many name brands when you wander the aisles, either (although the store does carry a few). And you’ll bag your own groceries on the way out, too.

Aldi does these things and more to keep costs down and pass those savings on to shoppers. Lower prices mean nothing, though, without good quality and a variety of options, but the grocer manages to excel at all three! That’s why I’ve been able to save money without compromising on my favorite organic produce, pantry staples, and freezer finds, to name a few. Here are three ways Aldi helps me stretch my weekly budget.

Credit: Heather McClees

1. The produce selection rivals other markets.

My local Aldi gets several fresh produce shipments a week so I know how frequently new items are hitting the shelves, and many of them are organic. I regularly buy leafy greens, oranges, bananas, apples, celery, cucumbers, and zucchini when I shop there. Most cost less than $3, and I’ve seen similar offerings for nearly twice the price elsewhere.

Credit: Heather McClees

2. The private-label products are as good (if not better than) national brands.

In a blind taste test, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell which is which and, in some cases, might even think the Aldi product is the name-brand product. The store’s own spices, oatmeal, whole-grain cereals, frozen fruits and vegetables, and other whole grains, like rice and quinoa, are just a few of the staples you’ll find on the shelves — and in my cart.

I’m particularly fond of Simply Nature Original Shredded Wheat for a quick and filling breakfast, and the variety of fruit — like pears, pineapple, peaches, and more — in the Wellness Blend product line. Like the produce, these items are typically more affordable than their name-brand counterparts.

Credit: Heather McClees

3. You can also find popular name-brand products for less.

Roughly 90% of the products Aldi carries are the store’s own brands, but the grocer also stocks several name-brand items at a cheaper price than I’ve seen at other national retailers in my area. On a recent visit, I found two of my favorites — Lifeway Kefir and GT’s Kombucha (try the Gingerade flavor!) — for less. I’m not sure how the people at Aldi do this, but my budget is all the better for it.

Got any tips on how to save money on groceries at Aldi? Let us know in the comments.