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This $2 Aldi Grocery Makes Pizza Night Easy and Fun for Everyone

published Nov 25, 2022
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Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

Pizza is a big thing in my family. We love takeout pizzas, sit-down Neapolitan-style pizzerias, frozen pizzas, and homemade pizzas. Basically, pizza in any form is fine with us. Just this past summer, my house was a veritable pizza factory with all the thin-crust, Chicago-style deep dish, and other styles we were churning out.

The hardest part about making pizza from scratch isn’t shredding the mozzarella or making the sauce or even organizing all the toppings. Hands-down, it’s the dough — especially in the cooler months when it takes even longer for the yeast to work its magic, which is why I like to have Aldi’s Mama Cozzi’s Ready-to-Bake Pizza Dough on hand.

Credit: Jeanette Hurt

What’s So Great About Mama Cozzi’s Ready-to-Bake Pizza Dough?

My family and I are fans of just about every one of Mama Cozzi’s pizzas. The wildly popular extra pepperoni pizza is a household staple. The cauliflower crust pizzas are also a reoccurring favorite, and even the mini pizza bagels have a regular spot in our pizza rotation. Unsurprisingly, Mama Cozzi’s Ready-to-Bake Pizza Dough fits right into the mix.

The pizza dough is a steal at just $1.39 for a pound, which is by far the best ready-made dough price I’ve seen. Most of the refrigerated doughs I’ve seen at other grocery stores are priced at $4 and up, which means I can make my own ‘za for a third of the price. (Or I can pick up multiple doughs for the same price to feed my growing boy and his equally ravenous friends.) 

The dough is pliable, soft, and easy to roll out. Although I haven’t tested it side-by-side against other refrigerated doughs, I didn’t notice any difference in the quality or taste — just the price.

What’s the Best Way to Use Mama Cozzi’s Ready-to-Bake Pizza Dough?

I let the dough sit on the counter for about 15 minutes before diving into my pizza making. It doesn’t quite get to room temp in that time (which is what is recommended), but I still had a delicious pizza in less than 45 minutes, from start to finish. 

Although I’ve only used it to make thin-crust pizzas, I think it would be great for making garlic breadsticks or garlic knots. You can also fill it with cheese and other toppings to make calzones, pizza bombs, and deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza. 

And while pizza for breakfast isn’t a bad way to start the day, you can also take the sweet route and use the dough to make a mean cinnamon roll.

Find it in stores: Mama Cozzi’s Ready-to-Bake Pizza Dough, $1.39 for 16 ounces

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