Aldi’s “So Good” $6 Dinner Is Back in Stock (It’s Perfect for Lazy Nights)

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Some nights, it’s fun to open a bottle of wine and cook a big dinner. Play some tunes over the loudspeaker, chop and stir and sauté, then sit down and enjoy the incredible meal you worked so hard on. But that’s not an everyday thing. Having a few go-to meals on hand really comes in clutch for those need-dinner-to-be-simple kinds of days. Thankfully there are many solutions over at Aldi, now including a tasty fan-favorite Korean Bulgogi Pulled Pork.

Located in the refrigerator section of Aldi, the discount retailer is now selling packaged, fully cooked Korean Bulgogi Pulled Pork that you can easily heat and serve for only $5.99. In just 3 minutes in the microwave you can have meat ready to go, perfect for topping on rice, stuffing into wraps, or piling on a toasted bun for a sandwich. This dinner find is made with seasoned pulled pork that is tossed with a Bulgogi barbecue sauce, made with a soy sauce base. Compared with tomato-based American style barbecue sauce, it’s slightly thinner, has a bolder flavor, and can sometimes have a kick of spice. 

Shoppers are already raving about this Korean Bulgogi Pulled Pork, saying it’s “so good” and they’re so excited for the return of this dinner item to Aldi shelves. Not only is it great for weeknight meals, but you can easily stock up on extras and pop them in the freezer for a rainy day. Simply defrost in the fridge overnight, and ta-da! Dinner is ready.

While there are many different ways you can enjoy this bulgogi pulled pork, our favorite way to enjoy Korean barbecue is served with rice, pickled and fresh vegetables, and topped with green onions and sesame seeds for garnish. It’s just the thing you’ll want to have on hand when you’re craving barbecue on a weeknight.