Aldi Is Launching Keto Bagels on August 11 — And They’re as Good as You Want Them to Be!

published Aug 6, 2021
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keto bagels from Aldi

You might remember, back in 2019 (although that feels like a lifetime ago at this point!), when Aldi came out with its zero-net-carb bread for folks aboard the keto train. The bread was so popular, it sold out nearly instantly and started popping up on eBay, where it was being sold for, um, lots of dough. Since then, it’s become more of a mainstay, and you can find it pretty reliably in the bakery section.

But Aldi likes to surprise us with all sorts of new ways to keep our bellies full. And so next week, when the new batch of Aldi Finds come out (August 11!) they’re bringing us L’oven Fresh Keto Friendly Bagels. Yes, another find for keto followers! They’re from the same Aldi brand that makes the keto bread, have just two net carbs, will retail for $3.49. And guess what else? They’re great! I already got my hands on a bag and gave them a try.

Find them in stores on August 11: L’oven Fresh Keto Friendly Bagels, $3.49

Right out of the bag, I noticed that these bagels are fluffier than the usual keto bread, which tends to be a bit more on the dense side. I took a bite: The crust doesn’t have that chew that I was hoping for, but it was more bagel-like than I was expecting. The inside was light, and I was impressed. But bagels were made to be toasted (fight me), so I popped it in the toaster.

A stint in the toaster made these bagels even better. The crust got crusty, the whole thing got a little more chewy, and the non-toasted interior seemed even fluffier in comparison. Of course, the slathering of butter really added to its appeal.

Do these bagels taste exactly like real bagels? No. Of course not. But if you’re following the keto lifestyle, they’re a great option. I’d suggest toasting them and using them for sandwiches rather than just open-faced butter vehicles.

If the bread was any indication, I’d say these bagels will sell out quickly (and maybe even end up on eBay!), so mark your calendars for August 11.

Are you keto? What are some of the best keto-friendly finds that you like to stock up on?