The New Aldi $4 “Living Decor” That Comes With a Hidden Storage Gem (It Won’t Last Long!)

published Jan 23, 2024
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Delano, CA, USA - Mar 26, 2022: Exterior view of an Aldi grocery store in Delano, California. Aldi is the common brand of two German family-owned multinational discount supermarket chains.
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If you’re an Aldi fan (or superfan), you probably already know about all of the incredible storage gems you might spot hiding in plain sight throughout the store. From the seasonal section to the freezer aisle, the German discount superstore is known for its stellar glass packaging that you can reuse for years to come. And just-in this week? Another limited-edition Aldi find, but this time it’s alive

Aldi’s hyacinths are available in white, pink, and blue-purple, and come in adorable glass vases you can reuse after your plant has lived its fullest life (or once you’ve potted it). This “living decor” can live in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or even outside if the vase is protected from being knocked over. The best part? The stunning flowers and vases are going for only $3.79. Yes, really

And if you’re lucky, the sweet-smelling flowers aren’t just good for the winter — one shopper in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook group even shared that the one she got last year actually came back with a bloom just recently after she had been storing it in a cool, dry place. Much like Trader Joe’s and Costco’s waxed amaryllis bulbs, these are the “living” gifts that keep on giving.

Credit: Ashley Hewett

Now, let’s take a moment for the glass vase the hyacinth comes in. Whether or not your bulb survives to next winter, you can use the chic vase for other plants, or even for storing craft tools like paint brushes. It’s a sustainability win!

But here’s the downside: Aldi’s seasonal finds almost never last long. If you want to snag one of these fragrant flowers to decorate your kitchen, or to reuse it for its amazing container, or to usher in a feeling of spring, you’ll want to act fast. And if you see them in your local store, we recommend stocking up! Here are more of the best houseplants you can find at the Aldi closest to you.

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In case you’re not near an Aldi, or if your local store is totally sold out (happens to the best of us!), we’ve got you. Amazon sells a similar hyacinth bulb (or three-pack) in cute vases that’ll ship directly to your door. It’s never too early to welcome spring into your home!

Buy: Hyacinth Bulb and Vase, $20.95