The $3 Aldi Grocery Find I’m Baking with All Winter

published Nov 26, 2023
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Delano, CA, USA - Mar 26, 2022: Exterior view of an Aldi grocery store in Delano, California. Aldi is the common brand of two German family-owned multinational discount supermarket chains.
Credit: Tada Images/Shutterstock

Easy to make and deliciously gooey, it’s easy to see why chocolate chip cookies are a go-to staple in many people’s kitchens, mine included. Baking them is a nostalgic treat, especially as plunging temperatures keep more of us inside as the holidays approach. But suppose you’ve ever wanted to switch things up with your go-to recipe. In that case, I’d recommend heading to Aldi, where you can currently find popular food and beverage brand Nestlé’s Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow-Flavored Morsels— in other words, chocolate chips with a twist — for just $3 apiece.

Instagram content creator @ohheyaldi shouted out the seasonal find in a November 20 post. These special chips are part of Nestlé’s “sweet season collection” and, according to the item’s packaging, are made of 100% “real cozy fun!”

For best results, Nestlé recommends storing your Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow-Flavored Morsels somewhere cool and dry, ideally between 60 and 70 degrees. The package also includes a recipe for hot cocoa crinkle cookies, in case you feel like getting a head start on holiday baking or are simply craving some chocolate — aren’t we all!

If you don’t spot these chips at your local Aldi, never fear! You can also order them for pickup or delivery on Aldi’s new online shopping website, which also offers caramel, semi-sweet, milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and butterscotch-flavored chips. Additionally, Nestlé’s Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow-Flavored Morsels are available for Instacart delivery at select Aldi locations. When it comes to chocolate chip recipes, get ready to let your imagination run wild!