The 3 Groceries That Make Me a Regular Aldi Shopper

updated Aug 17, 2019
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When an Aldi opened up in my town, around five years ago, I wasn’t into it. Not because I don’t like saving money (I LOVE saving money!) — it’s just that I already shopped at several stores and I didn’t think I needed to add another one to my roster. As time went on, though, I was getting more and more tempted by my friends and neighbors who wouldn’t stop raving about the discount grocery store. People loved the organic products and the low, low prices. Eventually, I decided to take the plunge and give Aldi a try. 

I learned the ropes real quick: You need to bring a quarter for a cart, your own bags, and prepare for a different (yet fast) shopping experience. Right away, I was definitely impressed with Aldi’s prices, selection, and customer service, but I wasn’t convinced that it needed to be added to my regular rotation. At least, not until I discovered these three products, which I simply have to buy every month. They’re half the price of similar products at other stores, are top-notch in quality, and get my very own nutritionist seal of approval.

Here are the three grocery items that made me a regular Aldi shopper and why I love them.

1. Moser Roth 85% Dark Chocolate, $2 for 4.4 ounces

If you’ve ever had Aldi’s dark chocolate, you won’t need an explanation for this item. If you haven’t, you should know that it’s German chocolate and that it’s award-winning. I usually prefer unsweetened baking chocolate and like my chocolate bars unadulterated with nothing but pure chocolate (no milk, cream, or sugar!), but Aldi’s Moser Roth 85% Dark Chocolate bar is seriously one of the best dark chocolates I’ve ever had. This bar doesn’t taste too sweet and has an incredible chocolate flavor. I also love that it’s vegan-friendly and has no strange ingredients like some other brands do. Smooth, dark, with just enough bite, this is a bar that can be eaten for a snack or dessert, or used in baking. I like to stock a bar in the fridge or freezer, then I eat a small square when I’m craving something special.

Credit: Heather McClees

2. Simply Nature Frozen Fruit and Veggie Bars, $2 for four bars

Who doesn’t love a good frozen dessert or fruit pop? I know I do! But let’s be honest: Most frozen treats are not great for you. I have a few healthy favorites, but these fruit and veggie bars are so unique, they keep me coming back to Aldi. They’re naturally sweet, tangy, and have real fruit and veggies in each bar — with only a little natural sweetener added (most of the sugar comes from the fruit). Any flavor is worth a try. Trust me.

3. Simply Nature Shredded Wheat Cereal, $1.39 for 16.4 ounces

It may sound boring, but shredded wheat cereal is my go-to for cold cereal. It’s unadulterated (with no added sugar, salt, or preservatives), full of protein and vitamins, and wide open for customizations. I like to add frozen berries, soy milk, and cinnamon, or I’ll use it as a smoothie topper. Aldi’s Simply Nature brand is half the price of other stores and one of the freshest varieties I’ve come across yet!

Do you shop at Aldi? Are there any specific items that convinced you to become a regular?