This $6 Aldi Frozen Find Is a Lunch-Box Staple in Our House

published Sep 8, 2022
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It’s that time of year when I sometimes despair. School is starting, and although I’m prepared for the change in schedules, the homework, and the general hustle and bustle, I am absolutely not prepared for packing lunches. Because, after about the third day, planning and packing school lunches becomes such a chore.

My son isn’t a big fan of sandwiches, which limits my packable lunch possibilities. To satisfy his hearty appetite, I needed to look beyond the bakery section and the deli counter.  Fortunately, I found these ready-made sushi rolls in the freezer section at my local Aldi.

Credit: Jeanette Hurt

What’s So Great About Fusia Asian Inspirations California Roll?

I first discovered these Fusia Asian Inspirations frozen sushi rolls when my son was in fourth grade, and they were a revelation.

The rolls, like all of Aldi’s fish and shellfish, are made with sustainable seafood. My son’s personal favorite is the California roll, but he also enjoys the other two options: Shrimp & Avocado and Spicy Crab. I just take a box out of the freezer, put a few pieces of the pre-sliced rolls in a container, place it in his lunch box, and by lunchtime they’re perfectly thawed and ready to eat. 

Credit: Jeanette Hurt

I think they taste almost as good as the ready-made sushi you get in local grocery stores, and they’re super convenient — especially when you don’t have much time to assemble lunch. The only drawback is that each box comes with two small soy sauce packages, which means there’s enough soy sauce for two lunches. If you get more than two lunches out of a box, then you need to pack extra soy sauce in leak-proof containers.

At $5.89 for a 15-piece package, I used to be able to get three to four lunches out of one pack. Now, because he’s older and eats more pieces in a sitting, I get about two to three lunches — but it’s still a bargain.

These rolls also make great quick dinners and work lunches. (I consider myself lucky if my son decides he doesn’t want sushi on a given day, because then I get to enjoy it.) Add a side of veggies or fruit and maybe a treat and you’re good to go. My son is happy, my stress is lessened, and we’re ready to go back to school.

Find it in stores: Fusia Asian Inspirations California Roll, $5.89 for 13 ounces

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