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The $1 Aldi Grocery I’m Stocking in My Freezer All Summer Long

published Jun 12, 2023
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Credit: Carina Romano

The snowy, white peaks of fresh whipped cream won’t last long unless you take extra steps to stabilize it. That’s not exactly ideal, which is why I always keep a container of frozen whipped topping in my freezer. Aldi’s Friendly Farms Whipped Topping is my not-so-secret ingredient for no-bake desserts, sweet salads, and fluffy finishing touches. In other words, it comes in handy this time of year, when almost everything you eat could benefit from a dollop. Read on for more about what makes this whipped topping a summer must-have in your kitchen. 

Credit: Patty Catalano

What’s So Great About Friendly Farms Whipped Topping?

A cloud of sweet cream is the crowning glory of desserts, from banana splits to pumpkin pie. While fresh, homemade whipped cream has a permanent place in my heart, lately I’ve been reaching for frozen whipped topping instead. 

Friendly Farms Whipped Topping from Aldi rings up for under $1, so this summer I’m buying two tubs at a time. One goes straight into the fridge to thaw, and the second goes into the freezer to await its turn. 

You can’t beat the convenience of a ready-to-eat whipped topping. The dollops can stand up tall for hours in heat and require zero prep, other than thawing, before acting as a flourish. That means that this topping will have you covered whether you have a plan or need something in a pinch. Either way, if you have this on hand, no one will know the difference.

What’s the Best Way to Use Friendly Farms Whipped Topping?

The first thing to serve with whipped topping is strawberry shortcake, where juicy, ripe berries and sweet cream are sandwiched between sweetened biscuits. Next up are the not-so-green salads like fruity ambrosia salad, sweet and tangy cookie salad, and creamy, nutty cranberry salad, where I take the smart shortcut of using whipped topping instead of homemade whipped cream or heavy cream. 

If your aim is to impress with your dessert, try a trifle. This decadent chocolate trifle is easy to assemble with cubes of cake, crushed cookies, instant pudding, and whipped topping. Icebox cakes and pies are the perfect use for whipped topping, and the flavor options are endless from tart lemon icebox pie to strawberries and graham crackers.

But also, don’t be surprised if you dip a spoon directly into a tub. Summer is made for smile-inducing treats, after all. 

Buy it in stores: Friendly Farms Whipped Topping, $0.97 for 8 ounces