Aldi Just Leaked Info on 142 New Groceries Hitting Stores This March — These Are the 10 We’re Most Excited About

published Feb 24, 2022
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aldi store front and deli shelves
Credit: Aldi Storefront: Carino Romano; Products: Courtesy of Aldi

Earlier this week it was 64 degrees in New York and, dare I say, spring was in the air. You know what’s also in the air … and the aisles? A fresh batch of Aldi Finds! Our friends at Aldi gave us a sneak peek at the list of what’s to come this month and it’s packed with future and returning favorites. There are lots of holiday-themed items — the chocolates alone could have their own list — plus, bites, bowls, bottles, and pints (of ice cream). We narrowed it down to the ones we’re most excited about. Here are our top 10 finds!

Credit: Aldi

1. Emporium Selection Aged Irish Cheddar, $3.99

There’s actually a trio of Irish cheddars to choose from this month: a rich and creamy Aged Irish Cheddar with a tangy taste, an Irish Cheddar with Irish Beer that has a nutty taste (we bet it pairs well with the stout below), and an Irish Cheddar with Irish Whiskey (a progression!) that has a rich, full flavor. They’re all available starting March 3. Grab some cookies and make it a spread.

Credit: Aldi

2. Park Street Deli Caramelized Onion Hummus, $1.95

Caramelized onion is not just for dip (although it is delicious in that application). Beyond the snack board, we bet this flavored hummus will be great spread on a sandwich or mixed into tuna or chicken salad. It’s gluten-free and vegan, just like the other two flavors coming out: Garlic Dill and Dill Pickle. You can find all three — another trio to try! — in the refrigerator starting March 9.

Credit: Aldi

3. Cattlemen’s Ranch Corned Beef Reuben Bites, $7.99

If you like small bites with big flavor, you’ve come to the right pouch. These fritters, which are available in the freezer section starting March 2, are made with uncured corned beef, sauerkraut, and provolone cheese. Bonus: They come with their own dipping sauce! 

Credit: Aldi

4. Specially Selected Shrimp & Scallops Pot with Champagne Sauce, $6.99

Shrimp, scallops, Champagne: Not only does that have a nice ring to it, but it also sounds delicious! The aforementioned shrimp and scallops are coated in a creamy sauce, made with (you guessed it) Champagne and served in an oven-ready terra-cotta pot. It’s available, starting March 9, in the freezer section.

Credit: Aldi

5. Blue Hill Bay Smoked Salmon Poke Bowl, $6.79

Maybe you’re more of a salmon fan. And in that case, the smoked salmon in this poke bowl is responsibly sourced, and comes with rice, poke sauce, and spicy seasonings. It’s also available the same day (March 9)! If you’re feeling extra, top it off with the mix-ins of your choice. 

Credit: Aldi

6. Clancy’s Drizzled Kettle Corn Carrot Cake, $1.99

There is a seemingly endless display of fun popcorn flavors, well, popping up. This month is no different. This cake-inspired kettle corn is topped off with cream cheese-flavored drizzle, naturally. There’s also a second kettle corn with a marshmallow-flavored drizzle and pastel sprinkles. It’s all very festive and we can’t wait to try both come March 30. 

Credit: Aldi

7. Sundae Shoppe Luck o’ the Cookie Dough Ice Cream, $1.99

Speaking of festive, this ice cream is a pint-sized party. The ice cream itself is cookie dough-flavored. On top of that it has yellow fudge chips and green star-shaped cookie dough mixed in. All you need is a spoon or two, if sharing. Find it in the freezer section starting March 2.

Credit: Aldi

8. Create-A-Treat Easter Eggs Cookie Kit, $4.99

Egg decorating, but make it sweeter. This all-in-one kit includes eight pre-made cookies, assorted candies, and easy-to-use icing. No baking required! We do have to wait until the very end of the month (they’re available starting March 30), but when that day comes it’s bedazzled cookies, practically on demand.

Credit: Aldi

9. Maguires Stout, $6.99

Whether you have plans for a two-hour stew, a two-minute (two-ingredient!) dessert, or a two-second pour in your future, you’ll need to add this creamy, rich, and distinctively black stout to your cart first. It’s available starting March 2, as is the company’s Irish-Style Red Ale, which is also $6.99 for six 12-ounce bottles.

Credit: Aldi

10. Mango Mimosa, $8.99

Avid Aldi shoppers might recognize this bottle. It’s a returning favorite! The pre-mixed mango mimosa is made with freshly squeezed juice, as any mango mimosa should be. It’s available starting March 23, just in time to celebrate the official start of spring.

Which of these are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below.