Aldi Just Leaked Info on Dozens of New Groceries Hitting Stores Now — Here Are the 10 You Need to Know About

published Dec 26, 2023
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someone taking Aldi groceries out of an aldi bag in a kitchen setting
Credit: Photo: Lucy Schaeffer; Prop Styling; Tom Hoerup

Some people wait all December for a giant luminescent ball to drop. Here at The Kitchn, we’ve been counting down to a slightly different drop — the first batch of 2024 Aldi Finds. The moment has finally arrived!

Our contacts just shared the upcoming list of new items hitting store shelves in January. The discount grocery is kicking the new year off with the razzle-dazzle we all deserve. Gourmet soups! Game-day snacks! Heart-shaped treats! And more! Out of the dozens of new and returning seasonal favorites, these are the 10 you need to know about. 

Credit: Aldi

1. Breakfast Best Protein Buttermilk & Chocolate Chip Pancakes, $3.99

A stack of warm pancakes in mere minutes? Sign us up! Made with whole-wheat flour, these buttermilk pancakes (also the best from scratch BTW, when you have the luxury of time) are studded with chocolate chips and are a great source of protein (27% of your daily value for three). Find them in the freezer aisle on January 10.

Credit: Aldi

2. Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Spinach, Mushroom & Garlic Pizza, $4.49

A rising crust lifts all spirits, right? Another Mama Cozzi’s special, this pillowy pizza is loaded with toppings — red sauce, mozzarella, spinach, mushrooms, and garlic. Available January 10 in the freezer aisle, aka Pizza Wednesday.

Credit: Aldi

3. Clancy’s Bacon Habanero Pretzel Slims, $2.19

Is it just us or is the snap of a pretzel slim oh-so satisfying (and perfect for dipping)? To top it off, literally, these “bite-sized” Clancy’s are dusted with a bacon habanero flavor that has game-day spread written all over it — figuratively, that is. Find them and a garlic-Parmesan version on shelves January 24

Credit: Aldi

4. Park Street Deli Red Pepper Goat Cheese Dip, $3.39

Speaking of perfect dips, the Park Street Deli team is dropping this soon-to-be iconic roasted red pepper goat cheese one on January 10. There’s absolutely no judgment if you want to eat this creamy dip by the spoonful … or for your next “Girl Dinner.”

Credit: Aldi

5. Peco Farms Chicken Wings, $9.95

Whether you’re viewing first downs or tearful acceptance speeches, these saucy wings are a must-have item. Weighing in at a whopping five pounds, you’ll want to clear out some freezer space before January 13 so you can stock up for the season.

Credit: Aldi

6. Whole & Simple Tahini & Chickpea Protein Bowl, $3.19

Hearty bites of sweet potato, kale, and green and white garbanzo beans scattered throughout the grains all ready in a near instant? Yes, yes, and yes. As fans of Aldi’s Whole & Simple bowls, you know we’ll be stocking at least one — okay fine, two — of these generously sized meals in our freezer (available January 10) for a quick and inspiring lunch. 

Credit: Aldi

7. Specially Selected Corn Chowder with Bacon, $3.89

While this creamy bacon-y soup doesn’t come in a bowl, that’s exactly where it’s headed (after a quick spin in our cart, of course). Available January 31, the “gourmet” corn chowder is the ideal dinner companion — that and a yeasty roll or a crusty loaf.

Credit: Aldi

8. Sundae Shoppe Mini Variety Pack Ice Cream Bars, $4.49

Fact: Tiny foods are just more fun. We don’t make the rules, but we’re glad Aldi’s playing by them with this trio of white and milk chocolate-coated ice cream bars. Find them in the freezer section January 31.

Credit: Aldi

9. Choceur Red Velvet Cookies & Cream Bark, $4.99

Red velvet! Cookies and cream! Milk chocolate! How did so many of our favorite flavors find their way into this seven-ounce bag? We may never know (R&D team, if you’re reading this, please hit us up), but in the meantime we will be looking to stock up on multiple bags on January 10.

Credit: Aldi

10. Emporium Selection Mature Cheddar, $3.99

It’s super easy to go all in on the cheese this Valentine’s Day. Aldi’s got not one, but three heart-shaped cheeses coming to stores January 31. Choose between this classic cheddar, and two different Wensleydale cheeses: raspberries & white chocolate or gin & rhubarb. Or don’t and nab one of each.

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