Aldi Just Leaked Info on 101 New Groceries Hitting Stores This August — These Are the 10 We’re Most Excited About

published Jul 27, 2022
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It’s not a mirage: We got a sneak peek at the latest batch of Aldi Finds and it’s filled with refreshing treats to beat the summer heat and satisfying meals that take minimal time and effort! There are frosty sweets, ready-to-go proteins, two-minute meals, and more. There’s even a hint of what’s to come in those cooler-weather months ahead (hello, pumpkin!). We did a deep dive into the full list and narrowed it down to the 10 we’re most excited about. Let’s get into them!

Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

1. L’oven Fresh Mini Hawaiian Bagels, $2.79

Hawaiian sweet bread in the form of a bagel — but make it mini. Sold by the dozen and pre-sliced, these little L’ovens would, of course, make a great quick breakfast along with your favorite spread. We’re also seeing mini tuna fish or ham and cheese sandwiches in our future and maybe even some lil’ pizza bagels for party apps or solo snacks. Find them in the bakery section August 3.

Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

2. Earth Grown Chik’n & Maple Waffle Sandwich, $4.99

Got two minutes? Well, then you’ve got breakfast. Or is it dinner? Take your pick! These frozen plant-based chicken patties are breaded and layered between two vegan, maple-flavored waffles. Stick them in the microwave for two minutes and the cooking’s done. Find them in the freezer section starting August 3. 

Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

3. Fusia Asian Inspirations Steamed Dumplings, $2.99

Another two-minute meal, these Asian-inspired steamed dumplings are plump, juicy, and filled with chicken and vegetables. They even come with their own microwavable tray. Sold in packs of six, you can find them in the freezer section August 10. 

Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

4. Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Meatball Calzone, $2.29

Starting August 10, you’ll want to make even more room in your fridge for this meatball calzone from Mama Cozzi’s. The filling includes, yes, meatballs, plus four different types of cheese: mozzarella, ricotta, Parmesan, and provolone. To keep the cheese theme going, it’s also topped with Romano. And, what do you know, it’s ready in just two minutes! (I’m sensing a theme here.)

Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

5. Asian Sesame Salmon on a Cedar Plank, $9.99

Grilled salmon on a cedar plank “is one of the absolute best ways to make salmon,” according to our Aldi contributor. Starting August 10, this one comes pre-seasoned and ready to grill so you can try it for yourself. Catch it if you can on August 10.

Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

6. Simply Nature Organic Southwestern Green Chile Chicken Sausage, $4.89

Find yourself needing an answer to that age-old question, what’s for dinner? Answer: These chicken sausages, available August 24 in Green Chile and BBQ Seasoned varieties. They’re fully cooked and ready for your sheet pans and skillets

Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

7. Burman’s Madras Curry Simmer Sauce, $3.39

Savory and spicy, this curry-style sauce is made with tomatoes, onion, coconut cream, and a mix of spices, including garlic, salt, ground coriander, and more. Use it to flavor up veggies, tofu, seafood, or chicken. Find it and two other simmer sauces — Kashmiri and Spicy Tikka Masala — on shelves August 10.

Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

8. Sundae Shoppe Chocolate Hazelnut & Vanilla Rose Cones, $3.99

Yes, it’s true! Those beloved rose-shaped ice cream cones are back and available in two fan-favorite flavors: Strawberries & Cream (aka the O.G.) and, newer to the freezer case, Chocolate Hazelnut & Vanilla. Both are sold in packs of four and hit stores August 24. 

Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

9. PurAqua Bee’s Knees Lemon & Honey Sparkling Cocktail Mixer, $2.99

Can you mix up a refreshing bee’s knees cocktail from scratch pretty quickly? Sure! But, you know what? Sometimes you want a reliable mixer to pour over iced gin (or your spirit of choice) for a couldn’t-be-easier cocktail. Starting August 31, you can do just that with these Lemon & Honey sparkling mixers, also available in Agave Grapefruit!

Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

10. Specially Selected Pumpkin Cheesecake Drizzled Caramel Corn, $2.99

Fall, is that you? The autumnal-inspired packaging and the pumpkin-y snack seem to suggest that sweater season starts on August 24, which is when this fancy popcorn arrives in stores. While we might not be quite ready for fall just yet, we do support caramel corn glazed with pumpkin pie spices and topped with a creamy cheesecake drizzle.

Which of these are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below.