Aldi Just Leaked Info on 137 New Groceries Hitting Stores This April — These Are the 10 We’re Most Excited About

published Mar 26, 2022
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Credit: Aldi Storefront: Carino Romano; Products: Courtesy of Aldi

Make room in your fridge and freezer. April’s Aldi Finds are coming in cold and ready to eat. We got a sneak peek at the list of what’s to come next month, and the overwhelming theme seems to be minimal prep and maximal flavor. And we are excited about it! There are frozen veggies, snacks, dinners, whole meal kits, and desserts. There’s also a trio of flavored butters that we can’t wait to try. Let’s take a look at our top 10 picks!

Credit: Aldi

1. Land O’ Lakes Honey Butter Spread, $2.25 

Three words: flavored, spreadable, butter. Also, three flavors! That’s right, in addition to this Honey Butter Spread, there’s Cinnamon Sugar, and, if you’re feeling savory, Garlic & Herb. Come April 6, “the best butter” at Aldi has got some stiff — err, spreadable — competition. 

Credit: Aldi

2. Season’s Choice Colorful Cauliflower Florets, $1.99

This bag of vibrant veggies is full of possibilities … and a fun mix of frozen purple, orange, green, and white cauliflower florets. Roast cauliflower for tacos, simmer it in a creamy sauce, make a quick stir-fry, and more! It and its carrot counterpart are available in the freezer section starting April 6.

Credit: Aldi

3. Yummy Meatless Chick’n Fries, $5.99 

These heat-and-eat, plant-based fries are sure to be yummy (it says so right on the box!) They’re also vegan and made with whole-grain breading. Look for them in the freezer aisle starting April 6.

Credit: Aldi

4. Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Chicken Alfredo Rising Crust Pizza, $4.99 

This rising crust pizza is topped with Alfredo sauce, white meat chicken, mozzarella, Parmesan, and parsley flakes. This Italian-style classic can be found in the freezer aisle starting April 6.

Credit: Aldi

5. Never Any! Seasoned Butterflied Lamb Leg, $7.99

Never Any! sources high-quality meat with no antibiotics or added hormones. This butterflied lamb leg is seasoned with rosemary and garlic, among other ingredients, and is ready for the grill. It’s available starting April 13. 

Credit: Aldi

6. Texas Tamales Company Beef Tamales, $7.49

While this freezer find isn’t available until the end of the month (April 27), you might want to add to your list now. The Gourmet Beef Tamales wrapped in corn husks are gluten-free and come in packs of 12.

Credit: Aldi

7. Fremont Fish Market Chipotle Shrimp Street Taco Meal Kits, $9.99

Ready in 20 minutes, this frozen taco meal kit comes with wild-caught Argentine shrimp, chipotle seasoning, creamy ancho chile sauce, corn tortillas, plus a spinach, corn, and roasted tomato medley. It’s the all-in-one dinner of your weeknight dreams and it’s available April 27. Some assembly required.

Credit: Aldi

8. LesserEvil Himalayan Gold Organic Popcorn, $2.89

Editor favorite and repeat Kitchn Essentials Winner, this light, airy, salty, and buttery popcorn is made with a handful of ingredients and available starting April 13. It’s also vegan and a great snack. If you prefer your popcorn on the cheesy side, there’s a “No Cheese” vegan flavor dropping the same day.

Credit: Aldi

9. Belmont Banana Crème Pie, $4.99

If you’re looking for a fruity addition to your dessert table this season, a gourmet pie that you can simply thaw and serve sounds like the ideal treat. The flaky crust is filled with a creamy banana filling and topped with whipped crème and roasted almonds. It’s in the freezer section, along with a Coconut Crème version, starting April 6.

Credit: Aldi

10. Godiva Chocolate Molten Lava Cake Mix, $4.28

Maybe chocolate is more your dessert of choice? If so, this baking mix from Godiva will deliver two, four, or six rich, chocolatey cakes at a time — plus, the cups to bake them in! (The mix serves six, but you don’t have to make them all at once.) There’s also a flourless chocolate torte baking mix (that comes with its own six-inch baking pan). Both are available starting April 6.

Which of these are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below!