Vote for Your Favorite Aldi Groceries and You Could Win a $1,000 Gift Card

updated May 17, 2021
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Aldi stores have earned a fervent following around the U.S. for their affordable prices, and uniquely delicious and useful products. We always try to make sure and highlight the most surprising and random fun finds from the chain, like their epic Advent calendars, holiday cat houses, and a wildly popular dress. But now the store wants to hear from customers about what they loved this year — and they’re ready to pay for the privilege, with a $1,000 Aldi gift card for the randomly selected grand prize winner and $100 Aldi gift cards for 10 more winners.

Here’s what to do: To enter, fill out the online survey about your personal favorite products between now and when it closes on at 11:59 Eastern time on May 22. You have to live in the continental United States to enter.

Voters get to pick their favorite product from categories like “Morning meeting must-have,” “Dinner delight,” and “Cult favorite.” Each category has pre-selected options to choose from, rather than being an open-ended or write-in style survey. There are questions about kid favorites, beverages, the best from their “Mama Cozzi’s” line of take-and-bake dishes, choice produce, snacks, and holiday options. On the final pages, there’s the only chance to write in your own picks, with questions about what product and/or perk turned you into an Aldi fan, and if you could tell people just one thing about Aldi, what would it be? They also ask if you have any interesting stories about Aldi — and you do have to keep going all the way to the end to get your chance to enter for the prize.

In last year’s version of the survey, more than 177,000 people voted in 20 categories, with Mama Cozzi’s take-and-bake deli pizza winning the overall favorite award. You’ve only got a week to start campaigning for your own favorite to take the top spot for this year, so get your vote in!