Aldi Employees Share Their 5 Favorite Budget Grocery Finds

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The first time I went into an Aldi and saw a dozen eggs for 89 cents, I thought I’d traveled back in time. Aldi is full of extremely good everyday prices, and then there are regular sales and coupons that make their low prices even lower than usual. If you are trying to stick to a grocery budget, Aldi is a good place to go.

As with any store, Aldi has good deals, and Aldi has great deals. To figure out which products are the best for saving money, we reached out to some friendly neighborhood Aldi employees on Reddit to ask for their favorite budget grocery buys. Here’s what they recommended.

Aldi’s produce selection is astonishingly inexpensive, even for organic produce. “I genuinely think 95 percent of our items are a better buy than at a Kroger or a Publix or even Walmart,” said an Aldi employee and Reddit user going by bookandsons. “For me the quality is the same, or even superior to, name brands, and at a much better price,” bookandsons adds, specifically pointing out that most of the items at Aldi are a great deal, from the lettuce to the kids’ cereal.

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2. Family pack chicken breasts (even if you’re shopping for one)

Chicken breasts are an extremely versatile ingredient and a good, inexpensive source of protein. That’s why “chicken breast recipes” was the most popular recipe-related Google search in the world in 2017. At Aldi, the “family pack” of chicken breasts is an especially good deal, even if you’re just cooking for one or two. “Our family pack chicken breasts are a steal! Just $8 to $12 depending on weight, and I can usually get 4 to 5 meals for myself out of it,” said an Aldi employee going by ck2400.

Another chicken-related tip: Check the Aldi Flyer for all the weekly sales and deals involving meat. Then go to the store when the sale is about to end. “If the store ordered too much, they’ll mark it down a couple of dollars per package,” an Aldi Reddit user going by GabeBlack said. “I got 12 drumsticks for a little over a dollar the other day and, a few weeks ago, ribs were a dollar or so per package. My freezer is packed.”

3. SimplyNature organic avocado oil, $7 for 16.9 ounces

Organic avocado oil is a pretty premium product, but Aldi employee Liz suggested the SimplyNature 100% Pure Avocado Oil, which is only $6.99 for a 16.9-ounce bottle at Aldi. That’s less than half the price of organic avocado oil at most stores, and it’s even less than the $9.75 price at Thrive Market. Organic avocado oil is a favorite ingredient for cooking and salad dressings on a Whole30 menu, so this seems likely to be very popular in 2018.

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Liz also suggested these organic white cheddar puffs, which are a pretty fantastic deal on a product that is universally beloved. Every store carries a similar white cheddar-flavored puff because children are obsessed with them. They’re crunchy and savory, and because they’re organic and have no sugar added, a lot of parents feel pretty good about them (when compared to other snack foods). These cost way less than other options.

5. House-brand cereals

Aldi’s cereal section always looks very familiar, because many of its house-brand cereals are dead ringers for famous name-brand products. Aldi’s Fit & Active Vitality Cereal with Strawberries looks just like Special K Red Berries, and of course there are boxes of Honey Nut Crispy Oats, Crispy Rice, Cinnamon Crunch Squares, and even Millville Marshmallows and Stars, which look a whole lot like Lucky Charms except there’s a wizard on the box instead of a leprechaun. There’s even a knockoff version of Reese’s Puffs. If you have a favorite cereal, Aldi probably has a decent copycat at a much lower price, we’re told.

What’s your favorite budget grocery buy at Aldi?