We Tried Aldi’s New Breakfast Egg Bites — Here’s What We Thought

updated Feb 10, 2020
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Ever since Starbucks launched their now-famous sous vide bites, we’ve been seeing similar versions popping up everywhere. Costco came out with a cheaper version (less than $10 for eight versus Starbucks’ price tag of $4.45 for two). So did Aldi. And all sorts of recipes (sous vide or not!) hit the web — we even ran a recipe on this very site. One thing has become very clear in the last few years: Americans love an egg bite.

And so Aldi is back at it, launching these Whole & Simple Breakfast Bites. There will be two different kinds (one with ham and Swiss, and one with pepper, ham, and cheddar). The boxes will sell for $4.99 for four and will be in the freezer section.

They’re part of the Aldi Finds program, which means they’ll likely be available for a limited time — starting on February 26 — unless they’re so popular that execs decide to extend the offering. (See more February Aldi Finds here.)

We got our hands on some boxes early — and compared the bites to the OG ones from Starbucks. Here’s what we thought.

Before we get into how they tasted, let’s back up a second. As we said, these are freezer aisle finds, which means you can stock up without having to worry about them going bad before you can eat them. To cook them, two at a time, you just take the plastic package wrap off and microwave them in the included tray. Let them sit for another minute and they’re good to go.

Pepper, Uncured Ham & Cheddar Omelet Breakfast Bites

As soon as we had our first bite, we realized it was actually pretty unfair to compare these to Starbucks’ egg bites. The Aldi versions are more similar to a crustless quiche than to Starbucks’ firm egg bites. When compared to Starbucks’ Ham, Cheddar & Peppers Bites, though, we picked Aldi’s! These had way more pieces of pepper and ham — and a lot more flavor. They’re a lot like a Denver omelet, only much faster to make. We love these for anyone who’s looking for a quick, protein-loaded breakfast, or anyone on the keto diet.

Uncured Ham & Swiss

The Uncured Ham & Swiss Bites were more potato-y than egg-y. (That’s not necessarily a bad thing, we’re just trying to manage your expectations!). Makes sense considering these have potato in them — and onion, spinach, Swiss cheese, scallions, and ham. These were definitely very quiche-like. In fact, we ended up eating these with a fork and thought they’d be a little tough to eat on the go. If you have time to sit down in the morning, though, these are not a bad way to start the day!

Will you be trying these when they hit Aldi stores on February 26? Discuss in the comments below!