Aldi Is Selling a “Stunning” $30 Dupe of The Internet’s Favorite Pot, But Not For Long

published Oct 25, 2023
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So many people have the Our Place Perfect Pot on their holiday wish list, but with belts tightening these days, it may be a bit out of their budget. The pot is beloved for having a bunch of purposes and uses, as well as its high quality and long lifespan, but if there is an option that does the same job at a more budget-friendly price, we’d all very much be interested. According to avid Aldi shoppers, there’s now a dupe you can grab at a significantly cheaper price.

The Crofton Awesome Pot at Aldi

The Our Place Perfect Pot sells for $165, but for those looking to save a few bucks (okay, a lot!), Aldi is now selling the Crofton Awesome Pot for $30, saving you $135 in total. This pot is clearly a dupe for the Our Place pot, from the name to the form, but it’s only available as a limited-time Aldi Find, so it may be hard to come by.

The Perfect Pot is beloved because it comes in tons of fun colors, and has many versatile features. The Awesome Pot is available in green or black, which while offering less color and style versatility than the pricier version, is also compatible with all kinds of cooktops, such as stovetop,  induction, or even a campfire, and is even oven-safe up to 450°F (the lid is oven-safe up to 300°F). It has a nonstick coating and can hold up to 6.5 quarts, which is actually a bit more than the Perfect Pot, making it a perfect (no pun intended) option for holiday meals and batch cooking this season.

This isn’t the first time that Aldi has come up with a dupe of a pricey beloved kitchen item – last season they launched the Crofton Awesome Pan, which is a ceramic skillet with a matching lid — which was a less-pricey dupe of the Our Place Always Pan.

We love our ceramic Dutch ovens with lids for how much they can do in the kitchen, be it frying, baking, or making stews and braising. While there’s some minor differences between this dupe and the original, such as the Perfect Pot has a built-in spoon rest and the Awesome Pot does not, this is a quality option that should make kitchen prep a whole lot easier this season.