The $13 Aldi Dress That Shoppers Are Completely Obsessed With

updated Feb 24, 2021
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These days, we’re all trying to minimize our number of trips out of the house. But it’s not just the opportunity to get your clothing and grocery shopping done at the same time that’s fueling the unofficial Aldi Facebook group’s complete obsession with a certain dress — although it’s certainly a bonus.

The German supermarket brand sells a wrap-style dress that comes in a few different colors (red, black, and the patterned option you see below) and it’s just $13, which makes it an easy impulse decision, even when you’re not super sure if it’s just right for you. Aldi’s stores, which are all over the Midwest, South, and East, plus in California, have struggled to keep the dress in stock because of its popularity.

Every day brings a few more photos of people posing in their newly purchased dress on Community, where more than a million Aldi lovers gather to talk about their favorite products. These photos gets thousands of likes, and prove that it truly does flatter everybody.

Credit: Aldi

“So many people were posting pictures of themselves in it and it looked good on everyone,” explained Melissa Hutsel-Williford. “The skeptics like myself could see for themselves what it looked like on all different body types.” Hutsel-Williford says the top of the dress has a snap to keep the neckline in place, and it’s made with thicker fabric.

Seeing other people posting their photos also encouraged Connie Whittle McCurdy to take the plunge, and she’s glad she did. “It is very comfortable,” she says. She attributes some of the dress’s popularity to the many different colors and patterns, which makes it fit into anyone’s style. But also, the “very reasonable price.”

Neither of them had washed the dress yet, so they couldn’t say how it held up, but Hutsel-Williford says the super-comfortable fabric feels high-quality to her, and doesn’t seem to wrinkle, so would be great for trips. On the community, people advise hanging it to dry or drying on delicate. But at that price, Hutsel-Williford adds, “Even if it bites the dust after a year or so, I’m not out of a ton of money.

This Aldi dress was featured as an ALDI Find on August 12, and as of right now is only available in stores for a limited time. Availability will also vary by location.

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